Above & Beyond, Aera, Faceoff, Castle Warriors and Much More

For some reason, Apple decided to unleash a massive number of new games into the App Store over the past 24 hours. The releases keep coming, with many games we’ve been talking about for some time. We’ve already covered a number of them, but here are a few more that may be of interest.

We will come back to the best over time, but if you’ve been particularly awaiting any of these, here’s your chance. Each game title is linked to the App Store, and forum discussion threads area also linked to provide you with early impressions.

Above & Beyond Air Combat ($2.99) – Joshua Rosen’s SciFly followup arial shooter with 60 islands to explore and customizable aircraft. Join the discussion thread.

Aera ($2.99) – And impressive flight game that is set in a 3D world, but controls closer to a sidescroller as horizontal movement is controlled automatically. Join the discussion thread.

Faceoff ($0.99) is a third person free roaming shooter that we previewed in August. Join the discussion thread.

Castle Warriors ($0.99) – a nice looking real time strategy game from GameResort. Join the discussion thread.

And there’s more…