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‘Run!’ … and Punch, Slide, Jump and Shoot

389981_4Arthur Ham’s new iPhone game Run! [$0.99] is a deceptively simple and fun reaction game in which you must slide, jump, punch and shoot your way past a variety of obstacles.

Reaction games like this aren’t new, but Run! hits on a winning combination of obstacle variety and smooth controls that kept me coming back for more.

Run! has 10 different obstacles (grouped as destructable, indestructable, and attackable) and 4 different actions (jump, slide, attack, fire) that can be used on different obstacles. The game is set up as a side-scroller with you running towards the obstacles at a constant speed that increases over time. Some obstacles can only be affected a specific action. Brick walls, for example, can be jumped over, slid under or destroyed by firing at them. Steel walls can only be avoided (jumping or sliding) while saw blades must be slid under very quickly. Levels are randomized so you don’t find yourself playing the exact same level again and again, and additional obstacles are slowly added as you play. Oh, and did I mention you can punch sharks and zombies?

The developer video shows the game in action:

The controls work very well, and once you get into the game, it carries a very rhythm-like pace that can be a little hypnotic. Add to that global leaderboards, achievements, unlockable obstacles, and you have a great little $0.99 reaction game.

App Store Link: Run!, $0.99