‘Mr.AahH!!’ – Delightfully Simple and Exciting

819173From the creators of Puzzle Prism, Mr.AahH!! [App Store] is yet another game for the iPhone that is so simple it can be described in a single sentence, yet so much fun that it can keep you playing for hours. You swing on a rope from platform to platform touching the screen to let go and tilting to refine your fall. That’s all there is to it.

Who is Mr.AahH!!!? Where is he going? Who is he running from? Where is he getting this endless supply of rope? None of these questions have answers, and it doesn’t matter because the simple gameplay slowly begins to ramp up with different sized platforms, wind, and even modifications to the gravity that keep you playing even longer. Just when you start landing in the center of every platform for extra points, the game throws you a curve ball and you will need to adjust to still landing on the platforms with a strong headwind and maybe even low gravity.


The simple art style of the game is wrapped in energetic chiptune music along with different graphical and sound effects depending on how close to the center of the platform you land. After you miss a platform three times it’s game over and your score is submitted to an online leaderboard. It’s at this point that you realized that you barely cracked the top 500 and you could totally do better than that if you just play one more time…

Here is a video by the developer that shows all the features of the game:

In my opinion, Mr.AahH!! ranks right up there with the simple classics of the App Store like Doodle Jump, Flight Control, etc. The deliciously simple gameplay has kept me coming back for more, but you don’t have to take my word for it, there’s a lite available that will let you swing through a small series of platforms. If nothing else, give Mr.AahH!! Lite [App Store] a try.

App Store Link: Mr.AahH!!, 99¢Mr.AahH!! Lite, Free