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‘Lumines’ Coming to App Store

LuminesThis morning 1up.com revealed some big news for iPhone owning fans of Lumines:

The iPhone is about to pick up another popular franchise. Q Entertainment producer (and former EGM Editor-in-Chief) James Mielke has revealed that Lumines will soon be available on the device as part of a major push beginning in mid-to-late September.

Not much is known about the new title, but it seems that it will be picking up some new content. Mielke confirmed that the iPhone version of the game will include brand new skins and music, and that its release should roughly coincide with Q’s planned marketing push.

Originally released to North America in 2005 for the PlayStation Portable, Lumines is a block dropping game with a twist. 2×2 blocks fall from the top of the screen which can then be rotated and dropped on the existing stack of blocks. A line moves across the screen in time with the music clearing any matches with each pass.


As you play through the game, different “skins" are unlocked that change the tile set of the blocks, the background image, and the music. With each skin, the line moving across the screen also changes with the music ramping up the difficulty in the process. While it’s unclear how much will make it to the iPhone version, the original Lumines featured four game modes, three single player variants and a multiplayer mode that could be played against another player or an AI opponent.

Here is a gameplay video of someone way better than I am playing the Xbox Live version of the game:

We will post more as information becomes available.