Updates: Touch KO, Face Fighter, Baseball Slugger, Harbor Master, GI Joyride

In the outside chance that you don’t find yourself mashing the check for updates button in iTunes as often as you check your email, here are a few game updates that have added some cool new features and fixes that have come out in the past few days. Videos may not reflect the most recent versions of the games.

Touch KO, $4.99 – Along with most of the first impressions on our forums, we also thought the difficulty level included in the initial release was far too easy in our review. Touch KO 1.1 brings some much needed bug fixes, the ability to skip through the slow motion replays, makes combos more powerful, but most importantly added a hard mode with new AI that is much more difficult.

Face Fighter, $1.99 – A silly fighting game that allows you to use your camera or photo library to customize opponents with the faces of your friends, enemies, pets, and loved ones. Face Fighter 2.0 adds Bluetooth multiplayer, so now instead of beating your friends up you can beat on each other.

Baseball Slugger, 99¢ – Com2uS added 2.2.1 compatibility for everyone still stuck in the pre-3.0 dark ages, the ability to brag on Twitter from within the game, as well as a global and national ranking system. Also, if you’ve been regretting choosing “HelloKitty15" as your Baseball Slugger user name, you will also be able to change that in this latest version of the game.

Harbor Master, 99¢ – Episode 5: Monster Cove brings yet another new map, this time with sea monsters that capture ships and take over docks. Tapping the monsters when they appear sends them back to the deep. Also, something to look out for in the next update is competitive Bluetooth multiplayer.

GI Joyride, 99¢ – Trapdoor’s tilt racer that I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit playing added all kinds unlockables, new vehicles, paint jobs, an experience point systems, and Facebook leaderboards. Somehow the ability to drive around a van with an awesome paint job instead of the standard tank has me playing this game again.