Forum Favorites: Aqua Globs, Fling!, FunkyHoops, Medieval

Here are a collection of games that have generated positive reviews in our forums, and are worth considering.

Aqua Globs

Another game with a path tracing mechanic, but this time you are combining like globs with each other in order to eliminate them from the screen. Blue globs can only combine with Blue globs and Orange with Orange. Meanwhile Green globs can combine with either Orange or Blue. If a Blue and Orange collide, you lose a life and get only 3 lives per game.

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App Store Link: Aqua Globs, $0.99


A puzzle game the likes of which we’ve seen before, but this one has gained a bit of traction with our readers. From the developers of Fuzzle, Fling! offers a simple puzzler in which you must eliminate all the furballs off the screen through a series of swipes. When a furball gets flung into another one, it will knock it off screen. The video shows it off well:

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App Store Link: Fling!, $1.99

Funky Hoops

Described as one of the better basketball games for the iPhone, FunkyHoops offers a lighthearted full court experience. The game uses a virtual d-pad and buttons for controls which take some getting used to. Both QuickPlay and League play is offered. A Lite version is available to try it out, and the full version recently went on sale for $0.99.

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App Store Link: FunkyHoops, $0.99, Funky Hoops Lite, Free


Medieval is another in the Castle Defense genre of games where you must defend against the coming onslaught of invaders. Medieval makes it more interesting by adding an actual firing and aiming mechanic, requiring you to do more than just tap on your enemies. The game has been described as a clone of Flash game Bowmaster. You can upgrade to various advanced weapons as you earn money by killing the oncoming invaders.

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App Store Link: Medieval, $2.99