Retro Action: ‘Pac-Man Remix’ and ‘Q*Bert Deluxe’ Arrive

Two long awaited games for retro fans appeared in the App Store tonight. Both Pac-Man Remix [$5.99] and Q-Bert Deluxe [$1.99] are now available for purchase.

Q*Bert Deluxe

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Q*Bert Deluxe offers both classic Q*Bert as well as one with modernized graphics. This release also contains a new Jungle theme with brand new boards. There is an ongoing discussion in our forums.

App Store Link: Q*Bert Deluxe, $1.99

Pac-Man Remix

While Namco had already released the classic version of Pac-Man [$5.99 / Lite] in the early days of the App Store, this newest release is a modernized version of the original. Pac-Man Remix offers enhanced graphics, boss battles, extra gadgets and power-ups across its stages. There is also a discussion in our forums by early adopters of the game.

App Store Link: Pac-Man Remix, $5.99

We’ll take a closer look at both of these titles later today.