‘Minigore’ – A Furry Survival Shooter

cover-wip-09The anticipation thread for Chillingo’s Minigore [App Store] started all the way back on May 15th. 3,546 posts later, Minigore is finally here!

Minigore is a dual-stick survival shooter similar to iDracula [App Store]. Two on-screen joysticks control the game, the right controls where you shoot and the left handles your movement. You only get one life and can get hit twice before you die. The game also comes with two levels of difficulty. Your arsenal to dispatch the swarms of furries consists of your standard machine gun, a shotgun that you can pick up from a crate, and an exploding crate to inflict area effect damage.

There are four types of enemies in game, three different sizes of furries and a flaming furry that runs a little faster. The standard furries come in three sizes. When you shoot a large furry it will split in to smaller furries, and once you play for a while you find yourself swarmed with baddies to shoot.


Collecting three four-leaf clovers transforms you into a rampaging flaming bull, and similar to eating a power pellet in Pac Man, you can just run over all the furries on screen to instantly kill them. Randomly throughout the game, your character will belt out various vocal quips, and the soundtrack has an epic feel to it that significantly boosts the atmosphere of the game.

As obvious from screenshots, Minigore has a cute cartoony art style to it, and the game really does look pretty cool in motion. With that said, the gameplay is kind of plain right now. With only the standard machine gun and shotgun, one level, and the limited enemy types, there isn’t much variation in the gameplay. The developers have ambitious plans for episodic content updates similar to Pocket God [App Store] (including Enviro-Bear themed coop multiplayer), but for right now it’s basically a stripped down version of iDracula with colorful art and good music.

The developer video shows the action:

Online scoring via OpenFeint give Minigore a decent amount of replay value if you’re into high-scoring games, and the game does have a lot of character to it. Minigore falls short in the depth department, but can be a good time if you didn’t work up sky-high expectations getting wrapped up in the pre-launch hype.

App Store Link: Minigore, 99¢