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Hands-On with ‘The Deep’ – From the Makers of Wild West Pinball

img_0282If you haven’t already, before reading this please go download Wild West Pinball [App Store] while it’s still free. No seriously, go download it. Tell your friends. Wild West Pinball is one of the best 3D pinball games on the App Store, and while some people complained about not being able to see the whole table as the camera panned around to follow the ball, that was one of the things I really like about the game.

Gameprom’s upcoming pinball game, The Deep brings the same level of performance and the same high quality pinball table graphics seen in Wild West Pinball, only this time bank robberies and shootouts are traded for sunken treasure and other underwater dangers.

Check out this gameplay video where I complete a few “missions" (in-game objectives that have you hitting a specific part of the table with your ball), cracking open the treasure chest, and plundering the sunken ship:

The Deep has already been submitted and Gameprom is optimistic it will appear on the App Store sometime in the next week.