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3GS Specific Version of ‘Blue Skies’ Coming Soon

RockingPocketGames posted a video of a new version of their Blue Skies helicopter shooter that was originally released back in August 2008. The new version (which is a completely separate version) makes it amongst of the first games to offer 3GS specific features:

The 3GS enhanced version makes use of the pixel shaders that are ONLY found in the new iPhone 3GS. It has per pixel bump mapping and amazing dynamic animated water that demonstrates the true power of the new iPhone 3GS!

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

There’s been some debate about the practicality of offering 3GS-specific versions of games in the future. While most developers will likely target the broad market, but obviously some will certainly experiment with some of the new features to gain a bit of an advantage.

Here’s a video of the existing version of Blue Skies

The 3GS version of Blue Skies has been submitted to Apple for approval but has not yet been approved. It will be a separate $0.99 purchase over the existing version.

Update: It appears the 3GS version will be a separate app rather than an upgrade that we had originally indicated. Apologies for the mistake.