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‘Snowboarding TnT’, ‘Big Buck Hunter Pro’ and Eventually, ‘Dark Castle’

One of the development teams we met with at WWDC was Super Happy Fun Fun who has been in the mobile business for 6 years. Since September, however, they’ve been especially focusing on iPhone titles. They work both independently and also with Tilt n Twist to develop titles.

Snowboarding TnT

The first Tilt n Twist / Super Happy Fun Fun title Snowboarding TnT [$1.99] was just released tonight. We recorded a quick video of the game at WWDC:

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The game offers 6 different levels with 30 different tricks that can be invoked using the accelerometer. Power ups including speed, trick multiplier and time bonuses. Snowboarding games on the iPhone have been poorly represented thus far. We haven’t had much time to spend on this title, though some first forum impressions on an iPhone 3G were a bit disappointing.

App Store Link: Snowboarding TnT, $1.99

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Another game that Super Happy Fun Fun will be releasing later this year is an iPhone port of the very popular Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade game. The arcade version allowed you to (obviously) shoot bucks while avoiding does to see how well you would fare. A unique aspect to the Arcade game included the use of online accounts to coordinate tournaments. The iPhone version of the game will incorporate these networked games using the same login ids. The game is expected in Q3 2009.

1212094314-01Dark Castle

Finally, in our conversation with Super Happy Fun Fun CEO Mark Stephen Pierce, we discovered that he was one of the original developers for the Mac classic Dark Castle. Additionally, through a series of events, his company has managed to regain the rights to the title.

As a result, Pierce indicated that they do have plans to bring Dark Castle to the iPhone and is tentatively scheduled for 2010.