‘Moonlights’: A Quaint Physics Puzzler

moonlights screenBonusLevel.org has recently released their quaint little iPhone tower building physics puzzler Moonlights [link] through the App Store.

Moonlights is a tower building game somewhat similar to Tiki Towers and World of Goo. Each level starts off with a simple, initial geometric shape (or shapes) with the objective of adding nodes to each shape in order to build a tower (or towers) to touch the night sky’s moon (or moons) for three seconds.  In certain levels, celestial objects stand in the way, and the number of nodes that can be added are limited.  In some instances, earlier nodes can also be removed in order to keep building. Some levels feature bubbles that can be used to levitate simple structures towards the target moon(s).

Touch controls are used to add or remove nodes, and tilt can be used to slide the structure(s) about the screen (or control bubble-assisted ascent).

Moonlights is simple on the surface, but only a brief session with the game reveals it to be a very challenging puzzler.  There’s a real “I’ve got to try it just one more time" draw that makes it hard to put down and a solid value at just $0.99.

Moonlights has been very well received in our forums. See a gameplay preview video for a closer look.

App Store Link: Moonlights, $.99