‘Fayju Ball’ – A 3D Ball Rolling Puzzler

771081_4jpgIf you’re over ball-rolling Labyrinth-type games, then you may want to skip this story. But even if you think you are over them, you should still check out the gameplay video for Fayju Ball [$0.99].

Like many other games in the App Store, Fayju Ball has you tilting your phone to try to get the ball(s) into the proper spots. This game, however, stands out in its use of puzzle elements as well as the 3D physics involved. The game contains 50 levels.

It starts innocently enough with simply moving a ball into the proper hole. Later levels, though, require you to change the color of your ball by hitting the proper colored block and then settling into the correct hole. But what really makes things interesting is when you realize that you can flip your iPhone over in order to get the balls out of the holes again or that you have to turn your iPhone on its side to properly line them up with holes on the side of the box.

You should really watch the video to understand the physics involved:

App Store Link: Fayju Ball, $0.99