Luc Bernard’s Turn Based Strategy Game ‘Mecho Wars’ Released

358443jpgWe missed a couple of high profile game launches released last week in the excitement of WWDC, so we’re going through our backlog now. Mecho Wars was one that we’d been anticipating for some time and plan on take a closer look at shortly.

We took a sneak peak at this title in early June. This turn-based strategy game was compared favorably to the DS’s popular Advance Wars series.

I know it’s kind of cliche to compare any portable turn-based strategy game to Advance Wars, but Mecho Wars is hard to liken to anything else. Just like as in UniWars, the touch interface works great in this game, and really feels just like playing Advance Wars on the DS with the stylus.

The initial version of the game does not yet contain online-multiplayer but that should be coming in about a month. The initial reactions have been very positive. From forum user Moggy Lloyd:

My first impression of Mecho Wars is that it is a very good game. In fact, it’s slightly more than a first impression as I was playing it for several hours last night and found it hard to stop!

I was a little worried before playing that this would be a case of style over substance – something pretty to look at that wouldn’t have much under the hood. But that fear was well and truly allayed. This is a very strategic, tactical and absorbing game. There is a lot of depth to it and it’s been great fun to play so far.

At the moment, the bulk of the game appears to be the single player campaign mode which is reported to have 13 stages across 3 acts. We’ll be doing a formal review of this game shortly.

App Store Link: Mecho Wars $4.99