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E3: A Look at ‘Prey Invasion’ and More to Come from Hands On Mobile

preyWe had the opportunity to spend some time with Hands On Mobile at E3 and talk to them about their iPhone gaming plans as well as a look at some of their upcoming titles.

Hands On Mobile is a global game publisher that has been around for 6 or 7 years already and is amongst the top mobile game publishers in the world. While they’ve certainly had an interest in iPhone development, they are now readying a steady onslaught of titles into the App Store throughout the rest of the year. They are also planning on introducing their own original titles later this year and into 2010.

Hands On already has a couple of titles in the App Store and are responsible for Crystal Quest [$4.99] and 3D Hunting [$0.99] and also worked on Yetti Sports [$0.99] which is a port of a popular Flash game. In continuing that trend, they are near completion on a port of the original Kitty Cannon Flash game in which you try to launch a cat as far as you can. Several similar clones have already made its way into the App Store.

Our readers, however, are probably most familiar with Hands On as being the developers behind the first person shooter Prey Invasion that we first reported on back in February. Based on the PC and Xbox game, Prey for iPhone offers 5 levels of first person shooting action that should last you “a couple of hours" in gameplay time.

The controls for the game are very flexible with both dual analog stick controls (left movement, right look) as well as digital left/right up/down buttons. In either case, shooting is done by tapping on the screen. The analog controls are detailed nicely in this hands-on video:

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Prey Invasion has been submitted to the App Store and will become available at $2.99.