Car Jack Streets Gets Major v1.1 Update, $.99 Sale Extended

car_jack_streets_titleTag Games has released a major update to its GTA-like urban action RPG Car Jack Streets [App Store] and extended the game’s $.99 sale price.

Tag Games has put together the v1.1 update based on user feedback on the original release and is currently at work on the upcoming v1.2 update.  According to Creative Director Jamie Bryan, the company will be supporting and expanding Car Jack Streets well into the future.

“We are an independent developer that really takes onboard how gamers receive our titles. We aim to update Car Jack Streets with their feedback at the forefront of the creative process and to resolve any technical or gameplay issues that are negatively affecting the user experience. Essentially, we want to deliver a pure, ongoing and dedicated service to our important and valued customers as a key way of evolving the game and building further sales potential.”

car jack streets gps screen

New feautres and updates in v1.1 as listed by Tag Games:

  • Fully interactive “Jack City” map available from your GPS
  • All major reported bugs will be remedied once players install the update
  • New ‘steering wheel’ control method for casual players and increased button responsiveness
  • Increased Lives. Now players will have five chances to pay mob boss Frankie, making the game less harsh if you miss a payment
  • Randal can now carry up to five weapons at a time and cycle through them at will
  • Players will have the option of returning to their condo safe house to save weapons and vehicle before exiting the game
  • Two new vehicles. The destructive Sports Utility Tank and the Sky Copter
  • The ability to play your own iPod music in the game
  • All new, soon to be announced in-game competition

We found Car Jack Streets to be an excellent action RPG and our biggest complaint was the control scheme — an issue addressed in this update.  At $.99, there’s no excuse for letting this one pass you by.  See our review (plus video) of the original v1.0 release.

The update is currently being discussed in our forums where users are loving what they’re seeing.

App Store Link: Car Jack Streets, $.99 (limited time)