‘Ignite’ and ‘Popper’ – Try Them Now

Seeing so many iPhone games, it’s strange to see which ones gain traction and which don’t. Here are Lite versions for a couple that we particularly liked but didn’t seem to draw a large following.

  • igniteIgnite Lite – We described this as a lovely platformer that made great use of the iPhone’s touch screen.

    The overall art style, music and atmosphere of Ignite really make it stand out. The game is surprisingly compelling and one we highly recommend.

    See our review and gameplay video.

  • popperPopper Lite! – Matching games are becoming a harder sell given the sheer volume of them in the App Store. A Clever Twist’s Popper!, however, stood out as one we quite enjoyed.

    The basic mechanic in the game is to launch a colored pill from the bottom of the screen towards the top. If you manage to hit like-colored pills, those pills match and fall of the screen. You continue this process until you clear the board.

    Overall, a fun game that I ended up spending more time playing then I had intended.

    See our previous review and video.