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First ‘Silent Scope’ Hands-on Impressions

silent_scope4jpgThe first Silent Scope hands-on previews are starting to roll out. MacLife published some impressions from the 1999 arcade sniper game that is coming to the iPhone.

The iPhone commands are fairly simple, scaling the arcade cabinet’s rifle controller into tap-happy play. As nondescript, black-clad villains lean out from distant rooftops, you double-tap to zoom into the scope perspective. Often, I tapped nearby, but still far enough away to lose all context when zoomed in. Helpfully, the game shows pointer arrows towards the baddies. Swipes realign the perspective, and single taps shoot.

The gameplay is as expected with zooming and tapping to shoot.


As it is, the game sounds like it will deliver what was expected — a premium-priced tap-to-shoot sniper game. Fans of the 1999 original may certainly enjoy the port, but we’re not sure it’s going to break much new ground on the iPhone.