Gameplay Video of Gameprom’s ‘Wild West Pinball’

158471Gameprom has released their take on iPhone pinball with Wild West Pinball [App Store]. This $2.99 game tries to offer a more authentic pinball experience and is very nicely animated with a 3D panning and scrolling table.

Features listed by the developer include:

– 40 frames per second
– Camera effects
– Realistic physics
– Natural sounds
– Top 15 global high score

The game is earning high praise from pinball fans who have been looking for a more authentic experience. Several users have commented on the accurate physics model and “real feel" of Wild West Pinball.

While there still remains a lot of praise for IUGO’s Freeballin’, that game presents a more stylized version of pinball that may not sit right with long-time fans of the genre.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Wild West Pinball, $2.99