Free ‘iDracula Lite’ Hits the App Store

idracula_biteAs promised, Chillingo has released iDracula Lite [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch.

iDracula Lite is different from iDracula in terms of basic gameplay. While in iDracula you start with low level monsters and a simple gun to grow stronger and obtain better weapons. iDracula Lite contains a reversal of that – you start with a good selection of weapons, but you are extremely limited in ammo, and the monsters are quite strong already. Also, you won’t get the reinforcement healing potions, ammo – nothing, you are on your own. So your best mission is to save your precious ammo (like grenades and crossbow bolts) for as long as you can.

Originally a $0.99 title, iDracula [App Store] jumped to $2.99 after a recent, feature-filled update that brought new monsters, maps, and weapons.  Now that the game is a bit more costly (but still a great deal), the lite version should be helpful to gamers debating the purchase.

updated idracula

App Store Link: iDracula Lite, Free