Mobigame Releases Free ‘Edge Lite’

Early this year, Mobigame released isometric 3D puzzle / maze game Edge [App Store].  We found it to be one of the best games in the App Store.

Edge puts the player in control of a colorful cube that moves about a series of 3D, isometric maze environments (26 in all) full of puzzles to solve and hazards to avoid. The game utilizes touch control (default) or accelerometer for control of the cube and, as the developer’s gameplay video demonstrates, requires some quick thinking to successfully negotiate the various moving parts of the mazes.

Mobigame has recently released Edge Lite [App Store], a free version of the game that features five out of the paid version’s 43 levels and five out of the paid version’s 18 audio track.  It should give those on the fence a chance to see the gameplay and decide if they want to make the jump.  (We urge you to make the jump!)

See Mobigames’ video to better understand what the game is all about.

App Store Link: Edge Lite, Free, Edge, $4.99