Dungeon Crawler ‘Rogue Touch’ Gets Notable Updates

Last month I posted a review of ChronoSoft’s Rogue Touch [App Store], an iPhone adaptation of Rogue, the classic dungeon crawler that dates back to 1980.  Being a fan of the genre, I found the game to be highly engaging and have spent a great deal of time with it since that review.  It’s an impressive effort and easily the best Rogue in the App Store.

Since my review of the debut v1.0 release, the developer (forum member CommanderData) has been listening to feedback from our readers and has been hard at work in updating the title.  His second update since our review, v1.2, has just hit the App Store.

I thought that fans of the game (and our readers are loving it) might appreciate a list of enhancements brought through both the v1.1 and v1.2 update releases.

New in version 1.1:

  • Door locations shown on mini-map overlay.
  • Music On/Off Option- Play your own music-in game! (Also observes the iPhone silent switch to turn off audio)
  • Fast-Play Option- double tap in the direction you’d like to keep running in. Your character will go until he reaches an obstacle or passes something interesting (doors, treasure, stairs, a monster that wants to kill him!).
  • Quick Shoot/Throw/Zap Option- while wielding a ranged weapon, tap its icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the direction selector. Less tapping means more killing!
  • Numeric Experience Option- Show the current experience and amount required for next level/rank of your character at the bottom of the screen. Use it wisely while monster hunting!
  • Vibration Option- turn off vibrations if they are not desired (great if you want to play while sitting in meetings!)
  • Remembers your last used character name, no need to type unless you want to try another name.
  • 2 new potions: Hallucination: found in a few Rogue variants. Drinking it is probably not wise. The other is a secret one of our own design… You’ll either love it or hate it. Maybe both.
  • 2 new weapons: Katana and shurikens!
  • 2 new armors: Ninja Suit (shozoku) that provides stealth, but offers little protection, and Elfin chain mail, which is stronger than basic chain mail and cannot rust!
  • Small tweaks for saved game handling.
  • Better Chance of “super" weapons and equipment (powerful damage bonuses or special abilities). When descending to a level that has a super item you’ll “sense powerful magic on this floor"

New in version 1.2:

  • Altered sensitivity for fast mode double-tap so that it is not triggered unintentionally (tap really fast now!)
  • Fast Mode running now stops right at doors, and at hallway intersections. Even easier to play!
  • Sorting of inventory. Items are grouped automatically as they are picked up.
  • Added Default Zoom level, adjust it in settings from 25, 50, 75, 100%
  • Searching now slightly less punishing
  • One new weapon: The War Hammer
  • One new secret staff!
  • Several Bug Fixes (black hallways, x-ray vision problem, app closing between levels, vorpal weapons)

App Store Link: Rogue Touch, $2.99