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Upcoming ‘Space Trader’ Game Based on Quake 3 Engine

HermitWorks Entertainment Corporation let us know that they are getting ready to release Space Trader: Moon Madness for the iPhone in the first quarter of 2009. We first reported on this game back in April of 2008.

The developers were one of the many who had ported Quake 3 to the iPhone platform and is using the Quake 3 engine as the basis for their Space Trader game.

Space Trader: Moon Madness is a 3D trading game set in a science-fiction universe. The game offers you the chance to seek out power and riches as you become increasingly proficient as an interstellar trader of highly sought after merchandise. Assume the role of a Space Trader trying to make a profit buying and selling commodities, everything from medical supplies to food and precious metals. The goal is to make as much money possible within the time limit. Visit various locations in search of the best deal and be sure to look for side quests to help you achieve the highest score.

The game uses dual analog pads for controls. The left pad controls movement through the level, while the right pad controls the direction that the player faces.

The game is said to offer a “fully 3D world". This early developer video doesn’t really show much of the gameplay but does offer a peek at the controls: