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Upcoming ‘Wolfenstein RPG’ for iPhone from id

Although it had been mentioned in our forums back in November, it’s now on id’s website: An iPhone version of id’s mobile title Wolfenstein RPG will be coming to the iPhone “in a couple of months."

Save the world in Wolfenstein RPG! Walk in the combat boots of Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz, prisoner of the ruthless Axis military. Battle through 9 challenging levels to complete your mission and take down the Axis’ diabolical Paranormal Division. Use strategy and a wide array of conventional and mysterious weapons to defeat super soldiers, zombies and the Harbinger. Discover books and syringes full of special powers. Enter the mysterious 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG… if you dare.

Pocket Gamer recently took a look at the mobile handset version of the game and explains that Wolfenstein RPG is not a straight first-person shooter, as its classic namesake was.

As with Doom RPG, the game adopts a distinctly different pace by performing all the combat using a turn-based system.

Fans of the FPS theme might find this a distasteful idea, but in practice it works surprisingly well, especially considering the difficulties a mobile handset inherently suffers from when it comes to providing working controls for a 3D shooter.

You can kick, punch, dodge, run and, of course, unload streams of hot lead exactly as you’d expect – you simply have to add a small amount of strategy to the mix to ensure you’ve got the mettle to win out against a room full of Axis agents.

We’ll take a closer look when the game lands in the App Store.  Included screenshots are from the mobile version of the game.

See EA’s game trailer for a closer look at the mobile version.

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