Retro Classic Q*bert Comes to the iPhone as ‘CuBert’

80s retro gaming nuts should enjoy LagMac Studios‘ recent release CuBert [App Store], a port of the 1982 arcade classic Q*bert for the iPhone.

For those unfamiliar, in Q*bert the player moves a cute, tube-nosed, orange character about an isometric pyramid constructed of three-color cubes.  The goal is to hop from the top of one cube to the next, changing each square to a specific color.  (Some cubes take several hops to reach the target color.)  It’s a rather basic premise that’s made more complex by a variety of roving enemies bent on preventing Q*bert from converting the board to the target color.

CuBert is…well…pretty much Q*bert.  No surprises and no real disappointments.  The main character is controlled by touchscreen; the screen is divided into four equal-sized quadrants and touching within a given quadrant causes CuBert to hop in that direction.  And that’s pretty much all you need to know.

While fans of the Gottlieb classic may enjoy this port which features the original (unenhanced) graphics and sound, it’s worth noting that CuBert does not appear to be an officially licensed Q*bert remake, and as such it may be subject to removal from the App Store pending complaints from the original stakeholders.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: CuBert, $1.99