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New ‘Zen Bound’ Screenshots, Expected for January Release

Back in September we posted a preview of Secret Exit‘s upcoming surreal 3D puzzle game Zen Bound.

It is something to be enjoyed at a slow pace: a game where a high score is not the goal. Zen Bound is designed to challenge in a subtle way, it does not attack or force the player. There is also an element of self-reflection, for each of the sculptures is a representation of a state of mind or a human emotion.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this unique title and are happy to report that the developer has just sent us word that they are aiming for a late January App Store release. They indicate that no solid date has been set, as they are prioritizing polish over schedule on this release.

Secret Exit has also provided us a series of screenshots from the latest iPhone build of the Zen Bound.

We’re most anxious to spend some time with this promising title.  Readers can expect a full review when Zen Bound hits the App Store.

See the developer’s demo video, provided back in September, for a better feel of the gameplay.

Zen Bound is an iPhone adaptation of the previously released PC game Zen Bondage.  Secret Exit is the developer behind 3D rotational puzzle game SPiN for the iPhone.