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‘Zen Bound’ Teaser Video a Bit Surreal

New iPhone developer SecretExit has sent us a teaser video of their upcoming iPhone game called Zen Bound.

It is something to be enjoyed at a slow pace: a game where a high score is not the goal. Zen Bound is designed to challenge in a subtle way, it does not attack or force the player. There is also an element of self-reflection, for each of the sculptures is a representation of a state of mind or a human emotion.

The game uses photographed materials and sampled rope sounds as well as an original musical score. The concept is an original one by Mikko ‘Memon’ Mononen, previously in lead engineer position for Crysis.

The game appears to be an evolution of a previously released PC game called Zen Bondage in which the player tries to wrap a certain percentage of a wooden block with a fixed length of rope.

SecretExit has not yet revealed many details of the gameplay of the iPhone version but the game will utilize the iPhone’s accelerometer and multi-touch screen. The teaser video is recorded from the desktop build so does not capture these elements.