‘i Love Katamari’ Gets Update

Namco has released a version 1.0.1 update to their iPhone Katamari outing, i Love Katamari [App Store].  As reported by the company, the update provides:

  • Improved control response
  • Added tilt indicator to game screen

Our forum readers have reported mixed results, with overall indications of improved performance.  Wegmans had this to say:

This makes the game playable!! I wasn’t able to beat the second level before (ran out of time/frustrated) and now i beat it with a minute to spare! The game is much better, and makes turning a little less frustrating as well.

I just played that one level to see if it was better, and it certainly is. The controls are perfect now and there is no recalibration or anything like that.

App Store Link: i Love Katamari, $7.99