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‘Bike or Die 2’ Physics Racer Coming to iPhone

Mobile game developer ToySpring has posted a gameplay video of their upcoming iPhone port of Bike or Die 2.

Bike or Die is an existing PalmOS title which is described as a trial bike racing game with 25 built-in levels and thousands of 3rd party levels. We can’t be sure of all the features that will make it to the iPhone version of the sequel, but the gameplay video is very impressive.

Note that there appears to be “glue" in one example level shown which keeps the bike from freely falling with gravity. Another trailer (not labeled as an iPhone version) shows additional features (glue, updrafts, portals) of the game. No release dates have been posted and the game is described as a “work in progress".

Note of trivia, the music in the video was originally from a 1993 Pygmy Projects Amiga Demo called Extension.

Update: The developer let us know that the game is nearing completion and they hope for a release in the next week or so. The game is also identical to the Palm version and so you will be able to compare scores against Palm players and also use the same 3rd party levels. Players of the old Palm version can even install their old recordings.