‘Lemonade Stand’ Now Offers Apple II Graphics

Retro gaming purists should be pleased. Maverick Software has updated their iPhone version of Lemonade Stand [$0.99, App Store] with a “Classic Graphics" option that shows the original Apple II graphics.

Features include:

  • a full recreation of the original Apple II game economics, including random weather and other events
  • optional “Classic Graphics” mode that shows the original Apple II graphics, for the full old school experience.
  • digitized music straight from the Apple II synthesizer!
  • automatic save & resume if you need to quit or get a call
  • high score list

For the not-so-hardcore retro fans, they also have a full set of revamped graphics that modernizes the game’s look.

The gameplay remains the same as the original Apple II version, so is quite simple and is likely most attractive for nostalgia purposes.