‘GTS World Racing’ On Sale for $2.99

Handmark is currently running a sale on its 3D iPhone racer GTS World Racing [App Store].  The game, normally $7.99, is available for $2.99 until October 19th.

The game offers four play modes: Single Race, Challenge Cup, Grand Tour, and Championship.  In all, the there are 64 tracks across 16 different locations.  The track scenery varies from desert to jungle to icy mountainside, but despite the varying environmental textures, the tracks feel rather similar, overall.  The game world features a 3D track landscape and scrolling backdrop that come together to deliver clean visuals that look favorable compared to other iPhone racing titles.  The only real graphical complaint might be the use of 2D vehicle graphics.  While there is a bit of slowdown when all cars are onscreen at once during the start of a race, the framerate is generally solid.

We reviewed GTS World Racing back in August and were particulary impressed with the feel of its control systems which we believe are the best of any racer currently available on the iPhone.

Handmark recently released a graphics and sound update to the title.