iPod Touch Compared to Sony PSP-3000 and Nintendo DSi

In August, Sony officially announced the PSP-3000, a mildly enhanced version of of the current PSP (the PSP-2000).  Just hours ago, Nintendo officially announced the DSi [photos], an upgrade to the current DS Lite that features larger screens, dual digital cameras, and a WiFi-based online game store.

Given the recent activity surrounding these (current…) kings of mobile gaming, Joystiq has posted a timely comparison of the iPod touch, the PSP-3000, and the DSi.  Have a look.

In July we ran an article, “Under the Hood: The iPhone’s Gaming Mettle," that takes a close look at the iPhone / iPod touch internals with an eye towards gaming performance.  It should be noted that the new units from Sony and Nintendo do not feature performance enhancements to their CPU cores or graphics processors.