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Exclusive iPhone Game from id Software

John Carmack spoke with Forbes about id Software’s plans for the iPhone. Specifically, Carmack reveals that they have plans for an exclusive iPhone title:

“We have a title we want to develop exclusively for iPhone," he says. “I’m not announcing anything specifically, but it would be a graphical tour de force."

The president of id Mobile clarifies that this title will not represent brand new intellectual property and so will be based on one of their existing titles such as Doom, Quake, or Wolfenstein.

Carmack is also enthusiastic about the iPhone’s ability to handle games that are larger than 10 MB. Traditional cell phone games typically fall around 300 KB in size. He also compares the iPhone’s processing power as equivalent to the PS2 or original Xbox.

“The iPhone, as a device, is in the same generation power-wise as the PS2 or Xbox," he says. “The graphics are a little lower but the RAM is a lot higher. … You could easily spend $10 million on an iPhone game, but the market just can’t support that yet."