AlcheMo: Instant Java Mobile to iPhone Converter

Innaworks logoWe’ve repeatedly praised the iPhone SDK and its OS X frameworks for the paradigm shift in game quality they will bring to users of the iPhone, the smartest “smartphone" on the market.  There’s simply no comparison between what’s already been demonstrated on the iPhone and the kludgy, low resolution Java games that run on most cellphones and smartphones.  But hey, maybe it’s a case of “the more, the merrier."  At least New Zeland firm Innaworks thinks so. They have announced AlcheMo, a technology built with the iPhone SDK that allows developers to “instantly" port standard Java mobile games to the iPhone and iPod touch with no code changes required.

AlcheMo opens the door for countless existing mobile games to land on the iPhone platform…but is this a good thing?  If developers go the extra mile of taking advantage of AlcheMo’s ability to utilize the iPhone’s accelerometer and multitouch technologies, it could be.

AlcheMo will open the door.  Time will tell if the neighbors are welcome.