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'Zombie Highway 2' Launches on October 9th

Auxbrain's latest entry in the Zombie Highway [Free] series, Zombie Highway 2, has a release date locked in for next Thursday, October 9th. This is the latest main entry into the popular series, with last year's Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed [Free] being a sort of spinoff that uses some of the tech that powers ZH2. However, where that game was all driving in the desert with no shooting, this brings some powerful new weaponry to help get the zombies off when scraping them off won't work, like auto-shotguns and laser rifles. Cars have nitro to help get zombies off quicker, as well. And the game travels to a bunch of new locales. Check out a new trailer for the game below:..

'Zombie Highway 2' Details Spilling Out Like So Many Zombies' Entrails

Zombie Highway 2 is coming. Auxbrain's hit kill-zombies-with-a-car simulator was much beloved in its original Zombie Highway [Free / Free] incarnation, and last year saw Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed [Free], not a true sequel but definitely a sign of things to come for the series. Zombie Highway 2 is coming this fall. Kevin Pazirandeh of Auxbrain recently did a Twitch stream covering what the game will have now: here's an archive of the whole thing:..