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Are You Smart Enough For This 'Smarter Than You' Puzzle?

If you haven't been paying attention, Eighty Eight Games is on the verge of releasing a new iOS game called Smarter Than You. It's a clever spin on the classic game of rock paper scissors, iOS-ized. It's got a crazy payment model too, and I'm arguably more curious to see how all that works out than actually playing the game itself. Anyway, here's the trailer if you missed it:..

"The 10000000 Guy" Details Crazy Free to Play Payment Model for Upcoming 'Smarter Than You'

Luca Redwood, also known as "The 10000000 Guy", was working on a hotly anticipated sequel for the original 10000000 [$2.99] titled You Must Build a Boat. Along the way, he started working on a side projects, and from there the story takes an incredibly predictable turn that I feel like I've heard a million times from other developers with "side projects"- The side project turns in to the main project, and before you know it, you're polishing up a game for release that you only originally meant to take a little break and prototype...

Creator of '10000000' Reveals 'Smarter Than You' in New Trailer

While the rest of us are (im)patiently waiting for Luca Redwood's 10000000 [$2.99] followup You Must Build a Boat which was revealed earlier this year, he's apparently working on something else. That "something else" is Smarter Than You, a multiplayer social-y game that looks a little bit like a significantly spruced up version of rock-paper-scissors in the just-released "instructional video":..