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'Smarter Than You' from the Creator of '10000000' Launches This Month

Luca Redwood, creator of 10000000 [$2.99], has been working on a new game besides 10000000 sequel You Must Build a Boat, the asynchronous multiplayer game Smarter Than You. And soon, the world will get to play the game against each other and potentially take on the AI character M_E_T_I_S, as a release date has been announced for September 25th...

Are You Smart Enough For This 'Smarter Than You' Puzzle?

If you haven't been paying attention, Eighty Eight Games is on the verge of releasing a new iOS game called Smarter Than You. It's a clever spin on the classic game of rock paper scissors, iOS-ized. It's got a crazy payment model too, and I'm arguably more curious to see how all that works out than actually playing the game itself. Anyway, here's the trailer if you missed it:..

"The 10000000 Guy" Details Crazy Free to Play Payment Model for Upcoming 'Smarter Than You'

Luca Redwood, also known as "The 10000000 Guy", was working on a hotly anticipated sequel for the original 10000000 [$2.99] titled You Must Build a Boat. Along the way, he started working on a side projects, and from there the story takes an incredibly predictable turn that I feel like I've heard a million times from other developers with "side projects"- The side project turns in to the main project, and before you know it, you're polishing up a game for release that you only originally meant to take a little break and prototype...

Creator of '10000000' Reveals 'Smarter Than You' in New Trailer

While the rest of us are (im)patiently waiting for Luca Redwood's 10000000 [$2.99] followup You Must Build a Boat which was revealed earlier this year, he's apparently working on something else. That "something else" is Smarter Than You, a multiplayer social-y game that looks a little bit like a significantly spruced up version of rock-paper-scissors in the just-released "instructional video":..