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Drinkbox's 'Severed' is Re-Confirmed for iOS, Releasing This Summer

Drinkbox Studios, perhaps best known for Guacamelee, has announced that their latest game Severed is in fact hitting iOS. Now, you might be asking "how is this news?!" The game was originally announced for mobile, right? Well, somewhere inbetween the announcement and the present, Drinkbox decided to make the game a Vita exclusive. The trick was that all reports on the game from people who played it found that it still pretty much used the touchscreen exclusively. A mobile version didn't seem impossible. And so, Severed has been reannounced for iOS specifically, along with the Wii U and 3DS. Which are both touchscreen systems as well. Android gamers, keep up hope. Here's a new trailer for the game, specifically the console versions. However, representatives for the game have specifically confirmed the iOS release, and a quote from Drinkbox co-founder Graham Smith says "The game's recent release on the Vita was well-received by critics and fans alike, and we look forward to bringing the experience to Apple and Nintendo fans."..

In 'Severed,' You Dismember Your Enemies and Use Their Limbs as Your Own

DrinkBox Studios, best known for last year's Guacamelee!, are making their mobile debut in 2015 with Severed, a first-person exploration and combat game with a killer art style and a soundtrack to match...