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'Dragon's Watch', the Social RPG for Western Audiences, Releasing Worldwide December 6th

The Secret Police, the mobile studio backed by names such as Ian Livingstone (of Fighting Fantasy fame) is getting ready to release Dragon's Watch, a free-to-play, turn-based character collecting RPG that promises fun, one-handed play and even offline play. Players will take a squad of 6 Heroes into battle in the realm of Kagria to take down any evil that comes their way. The game features over 700 heroes to collect, fuse, and evolve in a way similar to many games of this genre. You can also send squads on quests even when not actively playing, which is a good way to progress and level up characters...

'Dragon's Watch' is a Social RPG Designed for Western Audiences

London-based developer The Secret Police has a curious proposition for mobile gamers. What they're doing with Dragon's Watch is to try and make a social RPG, the kind that's been mega-popular in Asian markets but hasn't necessarily ruled the charts in the west, but aim for a western audience. With a western development team targeting western gamers, they want to try and appeal to an audience that hasn't necessarily spent a lot of money on social RPGs. Yet, their early work looks pretty solid, with some quality animations, and promising one-handed gameplay. Oh, and Dragon's Watch will not require an internet connection:..