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'Don't Starve Pocket Edition' Teased via Klei Entertainment Instagram

In late last January we posted about Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve potentially coming to mobile. At the time, it was like a lot of indie "coming to mobile" announcements. Totally non-commital, and framed more around the idea of "It'd be cool if..." and not really "We are doing this on this date." Mobile ports weren't Klei's priority back then, but today it seems like the winds of change are blowing... Or, at least, that's what a recent Instagram post by the developers would suggest:..

Steam Hit 'Don't Starve' Could Be Arriving on iOS Devices in the Future

Klei Entertainment's action-adventure title Don't Starve arrived on desktop computers via Steam back in April of last year. It received a warm reception from both players and critics alike, and prior to the end of 2013 Klei announced that the game had garnered over a million players in the eight months since its release. Don't Starve arrived on PlayStation 4 earlier this month too, and is currently a free download for members of the PlayStation Plus service. With that promotion bringing in more players along with their already respectable player base from the Steam version, Klei has told Edge Online in an interview this week that they'll be looking to possibly expand Don't Starve's presence on additional platforms including Vita and iOS...