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'Armello' from League of Geeks Has Soft Launched in Australia and New Zealand

League of Geeks’ Armello has finally arrived on the App Store in Australia and New Zealand. Having initially been announcd for release in 2011, Armello was then a Steam and console title and it has seen a lot of success on those platforms. It was then announced for 2015 release which obviously didn’t happen. the strategy board game hybrid that looks fantastic has finally hit the App Store. We saw a bit of Armello at PAX and you can check that out here. It has been really well received on other platforms as is reflected in the Steam reviews. Watch some hands on footage from PAX below:..

The digital strategy board game Armello has a heck of a story behind it. It was originally announced as an iPad title all the way back in 2011. Following a successful Kickstarter, the developers, League of Geeks, shifted gears to make the game a Steam and console title. On those platforms, the game has seen incredible success, so much so that as of this year the studio has done its sixth profit share with the development team. (You can read about this on their blog.) Anyway, back in 2014 we posted that the game would be coming to iOS "next year." ...A few years later, and we got a look at it actually running on an iPhone on the show floor of PAX West:..

Gorgeous Strategy Board Game Hybrid 'Armello' Coming to iPad Next Year

Armello sounds like a candy bar stuffed with caramel and, like, nougat, but it's actually a gorgeous strategy game coming to iPad next year. Developed by Australian indie conglomerate League of Geeks, Armello is a digital board and card game about the power and politics of a mystical animal kingdom of the same name. A mysterious disease called Rot has driven the once-benevolent (lion) king mad, and Armello's various clans rise up in response. It sounds simultaneously obvious and dopey when you say it out loud, but Armello's lush and vibrant art direction makes the premise easy to buy into...