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Madgarden's Upcoming 'Arecibo Man' Gets a New Trailer

Back in June we checked out a trailer for a new upcoming game called Arecibo Man from Madgarden, who has positioned himself firmly in the neo-retro movement with previous offerings like Chillaxian [$1.99], Flapthulu [Free], Sword of Fargoal [$2.99] and Punch Quest [Free]. Arecibo Man is no different. It features more bleeps, bloops and blocky pixels than you can shake a stick at, and its inspired by classics like Robotron and Berzerk. I also get a distinctive Smash TV vibe from it, in the fact that it's a top-down shooter that has you moving from room to room. This latest trailer shows off even more of Arecibo Man's chaotic gameplay, including a battle with a brand new enemy: a formidable tank...

Madgarden's Got a New Dual-Stick Shooter in Development: 'Arecibo Man'

Madgarden, fine purveyor of iOS games such as Chillaxian [$1.99], FlapThulhu [Free] , and Hodappy Bird [Free], has a new, swiftly-developed, game in the works: Arecibo Man. Like many of Madgarden's games, this one is inspired by retro games, in particular Robotron and Berzerk, featuring dual-stick shooting with tons of stylish glitch-style effects through a variety of levels. Check out some footage of the game:..