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Three years after the original Tiny Tower [Free] and last year's Disney-developed Tiny Death Star [Free], NimbleBit has announced that Tiny Tower Vegas is coming soon, though with no confirmed release date yet. This will take everything that made Tiny Tower so appealing - the bitizens, BitBook, jobs, elevators - and add in a Vegas touch, with playable casino game floors...

Jared Bailey just released Wrong Way Racing [Free] weeks ago, but his next swiftly-developed game is coming out this Thursday for free: Bowl Faster...

Looks like a third Street Fighter game for mobile is in the works. The new game is Street Fighter IV Arena, and Capcom's working on it with Nexon, with a planned beta test in Korea later this year. ..

First Person Puzzler 'Hellraid: The Escape' Is Coming July 10th

In the coming weeks, iOS gamers are going to get a taste of the same Hellraid universe that is coming to PC and consoles through the release of Hellraid: The Escape on July 10th. It's from Techland, the developers of Dead Island, and like all games developed in the Unreal engine… It's looking pretty sweet. Check out the gameplay trailer they just released:..

Shadowy, Acrobatic Platforming Sequel 'Oscura: Second Shadow' Releases on June 26th

Oscura: Second Shadow is releasing to the App Store on Thursday, June 26th. This is a sequel to Oscura [$0.99], which isn't available on the US App Store any more. There's more shadowy platforming here, with the silhouetted Oscura making his way through deadly levels using a glowing hand that illuminates his nearby surroundings. Oscura is acrobatic, but lacking in ways to defeat enemies, so expect a lot of running and daring escapes. ..

David OReilly is a 3D animator known for his short film "The External World", an episode of Adventure Time, and the video game sequences of the movie Her, and he's at work on a game called Mountain which is coming to iOS...

I feel it's at this very moment that the behind the back endless runner craze that started with Temple Run [Free] has either reached its peak, or absolute rock bottom... Depending on how you look at it. The just soft launched Run Forrest Run finally combines the two things that I feel like have been begging to be mashed together since the endless runner was invented: Endless running and the quintessential endless runner himself: Forrest Gump...

2K and Firaxis' Civilization Revolution [$2.99] is at long last getting a sequel - and it's coming next week as a mobile exclusive. Civilization Revolution 2 releases on July 2nd for iOS with Android coming later, if that's your sort of thing. There's the 16 historical leaders from the original, with new ones to play as, including Winston Churchill. There's additional units, technology, buildings, better graphics, and a new Scenario Mode to play in. ..

Phosphor Games and DeNA Reveal 'WARP: Warriors of the Red Planet', a 2D MOBA

Phosphor Games of Horn [$6.99] fame has revealed their upcoming 2D MOBA, WARP. An acronym for "Warriors of the Red Planet", this will have 3-on-3 online battle with gameplay that mixes in platforming aspects with the standard MOBA formula of attacking bases and customizing character loadouts. ..

SleepNinja's Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake has been teased for a while, with its Kickstarter campaign and eventual news of Cartoon Network publishing the game, but we finally know when this intriguing "environmental puzzle" game is releasing: next Thursday, June 26th. The game's launching on the App Store with a simultaneous Android release, with Steam coming the following week...

'The Rhythm of Fighters' is a 'King of Fighters'-based Rhythm Game for Mobile

If there was a chart that tracked my most unexpected gaming announcements, a rhythm game based on the King of Fighters fighting game franchise would rank right up at the top. However, SNK Playmore has announced just that with The Rhythm of Fighters. There isn't a whole lot of information over at the official website, but they do say it's "A game packed with legendary SNK tracks!" and call it "A ground breaking 'Fighting X Music' game for everyone to enjoy!" Also, here's a bunch of screens...

Check Out 'Wizard Golf RPG', the Long-Awaited Marriage of Dungeon Crawling and Golf

Back at GDC in March, Eli and I were judges at The Big Indie Pitch, an event that brought dozens of game developers together to pitch their games to game media types speed dating style. One of the games that stood out in the pack was Wizard Golf RPG from Floor 27 Industries. It looked to mix classic dungeon crawling gameplay with the mechanics of golf. It seems like it would be an unlikely pairing, but Wizard Golf actually looked really cool even in its early state. One of the neat side effects of mixing these two genres is that your character in the game isn't just using normal golf clubs, rather they get to use magical items like an Ice Rod or a Bomb Rod. This week the developer posted an update in our forums showing off these two types of "clubs" in animated .gif form. Check it out...

Hands on With 'Magic 2015' and Revealing a New Card from M15, Designed by Penny Arcade

Originally revealed during a panel at PAX East, Wizards of the Coast is having some heavy hitters in the video game industry design Magic the Gathering cards for the upcoming yearly core set, M15. The full list of who was asked to design cards is here. It's an insane collection of some of the best and brightest creatives in the gaming industry, spanning people like Minecraft's Notch, Ultima's Richard Garriott, Blizzard's Rob Pardo and more...

character-optimusprimeWe got some news straight out of the "Sure, why not" department of the TouchArcade command center this morning on Rovio's latest co-branding initiative. Following closely in the footsteps of both Angry Birds Star Wars [$0.99] and Angry Birds Star Wars II [Free] is Angry Birds Transformers.

Revealed through a vague teaser site, not a whole lot of details are available yet other than the game is "coming soon." Knowing what we know about Angry Birds games though, I'm guessing it'll be available on every platform imaginable.

Additionally, Angry Birds Star Wars launched at 99¢, so it's entirely possible that the Transformers-themed game sees a similar initial price point- like most Angry Birds games. It'll be interesting to see what kind of Transformers flavor Rovio manages to injects in to the Angry Birds formula, but, like all Angry Birds games, I'm sure it'll be fun.


Madgarden's Got a New Dual-Stick Shooter in Development: 'Arecibo Man'

Madgarden, fine purveyor of iOS games such as Chillaxian [$1.99], FlapThulhu [Free] , and Hodappy Bird [Free], has a new, swiftly-developed, game in the works: Arecibo Man. Like many of Madgarden's games, this one is inspired by retro games, in particular Robotron and Berzerk, featuring dual-stick shooting with tons of stylish glitch-style effects through a variety of levels. Check out some footage of the game:..

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