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Stylish 19th Century Noir Game 'Criminel' Locks up February 26th Release Date

Criminel, an upcoming crime investigation mystery game taking place in 19th century Paris, has a release date: February 26th. Developed by 4PM Game, the game will be available as a universal app for $2.99. The game does promise a dark and gritty universe with a mysterious atmosphere surrounding the gruesome crimes that you investigate in the game, using 19th century tools. ..

'Alto's Adventure' Has the Most Beautiful Trailer for an Endless Snowboarding Game You'll Ever See

There are many ways to do a trailer for an endless snowboarding game. Let's watch the trailer for Alto's Adventure, releasing next week, February 19th. It features a somber soundtrack, showing off the game's many environments, with the gameplay kind of just happening along with the music and visuals being shown off. You might not catch the snowboarder if you're only half-watching it...

'The Last Warlock' Will Take 'Minecraft'-Style Voxels and Add Them to a Strategy-RPG

Fans of the voxel graphics style popularized by Minecraft [$6.99] in recent years, but who aren't fans of the survival-crafting genre that accompanies such games, may want to keep an eye out for The Last Warlock. It looks like a Minecraft clone, but instead promises turn-based strategy-RPG gameplay with blocky heroes and landscapes. In this game, you control a warlock who can cast spells and summon creatures, fighting other warlocks, solving puzzles, and completing quests...

'MicRogue' from 'Relic Rush' Developer Lives On, Game is Near Completion

Sometimes it's easy for games to fall by the wayside, especially ones made by independent developers, many of whom are weekend warriors. MicRogue was one of those games that seemed to fall prey to this. However, the game by Jason Pickering, which has been in the works since 2013, is apparently nearing the finish line in its development. The developer did some work on the game Chaos Reborn for PC, but now he's back to focusing on MicRogue – and the game is apparently done, with just meta-features left to add in before the game's eventual release...

'Overkill 3' Goes Worldwide with Giant Robots This Month

Good news for fans of of the Overkill franchise, as Overkill 3 is leaving soft launch this month, with a worldwide release on February 26th. This is actually the fourth Overkill game, with the third game being last year's Overkill Mafia [Free]. The game has been in soft launch since last July, and since then, the developers have been tweaking and improving the game, and seeking out feedback from the forums and from beta testers of as-yet-unreleased versions of the game. Here's a video showing off some of the gameplay from an earlier build:..

'Legend of Grimrock' for iPad is Coming Soon, First Footage Revealed

Almost Human Games has just revealed the first iPad footage of their first-person dungeon-crawling RPG Legend of Grimrock. The game has been out for long enough on PC to get a sequel already, but now those of you looking to play it on the go on a device that can reasonably be used as a tablet (I own Windows tablets and they're far inferior to iPads for use as tablets) can anticipate checking this one out this spring. Check out the footage:..

'RBI Baseball 15' Announced with More Features Than Last Year

Last year, MLB Advanced Media released RBI Baseball 14 [$4.99], reviving the classic 8-bit baseball game for modern platforms. Thankfully, spring training is around the corner, and MLBAM is releasing RBI Baseball 15 this year, with the game hitting pretty much every gaming platform out there, including iOS. While the game will retain the 2-button gameplay that tried to skew as close as possible to the 8-bit version as possible, there are some new feature en route. All 30 teams' stadiums will be playable – hopefully with the giant home run sculpture at Marlins Park in full effect. Each team's 25-man roster will be available from their 40-man roster, so you'll be able to hopefully swap out prospects and players as needed for ultimate roster flexibility. Heck, many simulations struggle with the 40-man roster concept, so this seems exciting enough...

ZeptoLab Soft Launches Two New Games: 'Survivor Squad' and 'Slide Fight'

While King of Thieves from ZeptoLab launches worldwide this week, it appears that they're hard at work at multiple games beyond the Cut the Rope franchise they're most well-known for. A pair of new games have appeared under a pseudonym that soft-launched King of Thieves before it was revealed as a ZeptoLab game: Survivor Squad and Slide Fight. Survivor Squad is a top-down shooter where you and 3 other players try to fight off hordes of zombies, upgrading your weapons and items to help fight off ever-more-difficult hordes. Interestingly, this one promises real-time multiplayer. ..

The Trailer For 'Radical' Just Changed My Life

The Trailer For 'Radical' Just Changed My Life

February 9th, 2015 1:49 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in Upcoming Games
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If you listened to our podcast this week, this might be old news to you... But if you don't (What the hell, man?), this week we're getting a brand new game from the dynamic duo behind Mikey Shorts [$1.99], Mikey Hooks [$1.99] and Mikey Boots [$1.99]. It's called Radical, and it's basically their spin on the endlessly and brutally difficult free ad-sponsored game that Flappy Bird made so popular. But, enough words, you need to stop whatever it is you're doing and watch this trailer immediately:..

New Studio Brimstone Interactive Announces Tactical RPG 'Shadow Corps'

Brimstone Interactive has just announced a new turn-based tactical RPG coming soon to mobile, entitled Shadow Corps. The game is promising gameplay akin to Shadowrun, where you use action points for different attacks and abilities, navigating gridded environments, utilizing cover to take advantage of strategic advantages on enemies. While details on the gameplay are sparse beyond that – screenshots show that the game is spacebound – and just how deep the RPG elements will run, if this doesn't wind up being akin to say, XCOM rather than Shadowrun, will be revealed when the game comes out, which is planned to be soon...

Build the Ultimate Weapon of Destruction with 'Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit', Coming Mid-2015

A new trailer for an upcoming game rolled across our inbox today, and it looks awesome. The game is called Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit, and it was originally unveiled in our forums way back in October of 2013. The idea is to build the ultimate spaceship piece by piece using a very elaborate ship editor, then send your creation out into battle to see how it fares. A cool twist is that people in your crew can defect to the enemy's side, so you might end up facing off against your very own creation. So don't make it too good, you know? Check out the trailer...

Space Bears' 'Kingdoms' is now 'Kindo' and an Open Beta is Imminent

If you've been waiting to play Space Bears' upcoming minimalist strategy/board game Kingdoms, I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news: the game Kingdoms no longer exists, kinda. The game has been renamed to Kindo, as Space Bears explains in a recent blog: "There were two main issues with calling our game Kingdoms. First, it’s very common. ... Second, several games companies have an ongoing trademark on the sole word KINGDOMS. And while we weren’t in trouble yet, we didn’t want to take any risk." Trademark controversies are boring and dumb, so it's good that the game decided to avoid them entirely...

HandyGames' Upcoming '1942 Pacific Front' Will Deliver More World War II Hex-Grid Turn-Based Strategy

HandyGames has a new hex-based strategy game for those of y'all who only play games with six sides or more. 1942 Pacific Front is a turn-based strategy game, a sequel to 1941 Frozen Front [Free] which takes place, naturally, in the Pacific front of World War II, as you command land, sea, and air forces in battles between American and Japanese forces. Check out the trailer for the game:..

Check Out this Intriguing Footage of the Upcoming Shmup 'Starseed'

Developer Shane McCafferty has an intriguing-looking shoot 'em up in the works right now called Starseed. There's a lot of shmups out there, but Starseed's got a unique visual style going for it. It takes place atop a spinning circular space station, kind of like flying around the outside of a Halo, um...halo. You fly in to the station, and then fight enemies on and around it as you lock into orbit, then trying to destroy the station. All the ships have this kind of flat look on top of it, which actually has a cool style, though the combnation may help to make it feel a bit nauseating for some folks. Check out video of a level below:..

'Dungeon Hunter 5' Preview - Polishing Up the Ol' Dungeon

I recently was able to go hands-on with Dungeon Hunter 5 at PAX South, and while I've been sworn to secrecy until now, I can finally reveal some of what you can expect from the next game in Gameloft's long-running hack 'n slash genre. Expect more hack 'n slash action that the series is known for, but with a load of big structural changes that will try and make this series fit in with other free-to-play games in 2015...

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