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'Element' is a Gorgeous Singleplayer RTS

New Zealand studio Flightless has announced their game Element, which they're calling "a realtime strategy space game for people who don't have time to play realtime strategy space games." As a busy man about town, I must say, this sounds most enticing, chap. While the actual mechanics will perhaps make more sense once we get to go hands-on, it seems as if you're building out on a giant low-poly planet, competing with other computerized opponents to defend your bases and resources while trying to go after theirs, sending different attack units out at them, eventually making it from planet to planet to escape a decaying solar system. Here's the stylistic trailer:..

'Army Antz' an Upcoming Real-time Strategy Game, Looks Buggy in a Good Way

When I first started gaming on a tablet, I thought that one of the genres that would look great on a touchscreen was real-time strategy games because dragging units around feels like a perfect fit for the interface. While we've had some very good real-time strategy games on mobile (like the gorgeous Autumn Dynasty), I'm always on the lookout for more. Army Antz, an upcoming strategy game by Digital World Studio, looks like another good addition to the genre and could be a fun game to play with friends. The game is all about 5 Vs 5 Arena battles over 19 levels of single player action. The game offers 13 different playable classes (some of which you can see in the video below), and a pretty whimsical art style and theme (though not that original in the age of games like Bug Heroes 2). Still, if the units are different enough and the levels designed well, the theme might come into its own...

'Flip Champs' is a High Score Chaser Crossed with Fighting Games

While Flip Champs initially appealed to me because of its chunky pixel art look, the actual gameplay is something cool to behold. It's a kind of fighting game, where you and an AI opponent are jumping between 4 different platforms, trying to collect the energy balls that continuously spawn. Collect enough to fill up your meter, and you can fire your weapon of choice. Hit your enemy, and you get a point in the game's normal mode. In survival mode, you each have health, and the battles are more drawn out. It's a really cool concept to play with, because there's that head-to-head aspect, trying to act and react, and playing smart when your opponent has their weapon and you don't yet. It's not quite an orthodox fighting game, but it has a lot of the feel of one...

'Super Dangerous Dungeons' Will Put Your Platforming to the Test This Month

Jussi Simpanen, aka Adventure Islands, an artist and developer who's done some fantastic work doing the art for SwapQuest [$2.99], and creating the games Duke Dashington [$0.99] and Tiny Dangerous Dungeons [$0.99], is set to release another pixel art platformer in Super Dangerous Dungeons. Formerly just titled Dangerous Dungeons and now Super-ified, this is a remake of the original Dangerous Dungeons Flash game, a platformer you make it through, uh, calamity-centric catacombs. The game's been redesigned for mobile and widescreen, with improved visuals, a Super NES-style soundtrack, and 48 total levels to test you:..

Mooff Games Enters the World of 3D Dungeon Crawlers with 'Dungeon Time'

Mooff Games just dropped Super Boys [Free], which won our coveted Game of the Week award, but they're far from done releasing games. In fact, they're hard at work on Dungeon Time, which looks like some fast-paced, sword-shooting, dungeon-crawling chaos. Get you and 3 of your closest friends – or none, if you're more of a solo traveler, I get it – and shoot dozens of enemies, 10 bosses, all across 11 stages with randomly generated maps. This is Mooff's first 3D game, and you can check it out in action:..

'Heavy Rockets' is the Rare Soft-Launched Indie Game

I've previewed Heavy Rockets in the past when it was in beta, and now a large audience can play the game. But not everyone. Usually, when an indie game comes out, it's just released worldwide. But not Heavy Rockets. It's actually currently only out in New Zealand. It's the rare indie soft launch! So, if you're a Kiwi or have the knowhow, you can check this out right now before it goes global at some point...

My Spaceship Can Beat Up Your Spaceship - 'Starside Arena' Launching November 10th

One day space travel will be commonplace. We'll all have our own little spaceships that we can use to zip around the galaxy. But then what? Well the next logical step will be to build a better spaceship than the rest, and prove it by going head-to-head in a fight to the death. Hey space is boring, you have to amuse yourself somehow. That's the premise behind Starside Arena, the debut game from Epic Owl, a studio started by ex-Rovio folks late last year. Have a look at the teaser trailer for a glimpse of it in action...

Go to Interesting Places and Eliminate Terrorists in Gameloft's 'Sniper Fury'

Gameloft's next big game is going to be their entry into the sniper genre, entitled Sniper Fury. Glu has had a few entries into the genre, and the similar Deer Hunter games, but we're seeing a bit of competition in the sniper/contract kills theme now. Here's a cinematic trailer for the game. That sniper bullet gets awfully close to that terrorist's head:..

When the Next Ice Age Comes, Head to the Center of the Planet with 'Antyz'

It's inevitable that our little planet will one day be a big ice-covered rock. Whether it's related to global warming or just the natural cycle of things, many, many years after everyone reading this is dead and gone, another Ice Age will arrive. By that time, the only living creature left on the planet will be ants. It makes sense, okay? Since these are highly intelligent future ants, they realize that their smartest play will be to dig to the center of the Earth, you know, where it's warm and stuff. Yes, this is the real premise behind Antyz...

Create a Startup and Gamble in an Underground Casino in 'Tap Company', an "Idle Game" that's Coming Soon

Possible Games, who you may recognize as the developers of TheEndApp [Free] or Adventures of Poco Eco [$2.99], have a new game coming really soon called Tap Company. Ever dream of running a blossoming startup from your lounge chair on the beach? Tap Company can help with that. You'll create a startup, hire employees, upgrade your office and gamble in a secret underground casino. Wait, secret underground casino? I'm sold!..

Indiana Jones-esque Adventure 'Lost Horizon' Coming in Mid-November

Back in early June we told you about Deep Silver Fishlabs plan to port the 2010 PC adventure game Lost Horizon to iOS in July. You may have noticed it's November, and no Lost Horizon yet. Well, these things happen you see, and after not hearing much of anything for a while now we've learned that Lost Horizon is still heading to iOS and it's planned for a mid-November release. Here's a trailer from 2010 depicting the PC version of the game...

The Developer of 'Super Puzzle Platformer' is Also Working on a Game Called 'Dizzy Knight'

So, earlier, I wrote about a game called Dizzy Knight, which looked really cool. But, in a stroke of fate, it turns out that there's an entirely different developer also working on a game called Dizzy Knight. Andrew Morrish, developer of Super Puzzle Platformer, has shown off some gameplay of his Dizzy Knight, and while the names are currently the same, the game is looking like a slower, endless, high-score-centric affair compared to the level-based chaos of MegaSweet's Dizzy Knight...

In Upcoming 'Marvel Avengers Academy', You Can Even Take Avengers Out on Dates

If you like your superheroes, this isn't a bad time to be alive. Marvel is dipping its toes into mobile gaming, again, in the form of the upcoming F2P Marvel Avengers Academy currently being developed by TinyCo. This game takes a different approach to all the heroes you know and, in a way, tries to humanize them. In this game you'll get to build and manage a specialized school for superheroes, but you'll also have to play superhero-matchmaker and help these young adult heroes defeat the biggest enemy of all, awkwardness. The studio hopes that Marvel Avengers Academy will stand out among all the other Marvel games because it will take these very familiar characters and put them in a entirely new atmosphere, that of a school...

'Dizzy Knight' is Making Me Nauseous...with Excitement!

I am only a human being, and a child of the era when pixel art ruled the day. So, Dizzy Knight is looking pretty darn cool to me It's a game where you control a constantly spinning knight – and you can play as a man or woman knight, always a welcome choice – who spins around constantly, trying to defeat their many, many enemies, across 40 levels. And developer MegaSweet is promising that the game is going to be brutally hard. Good thing there's gonna be controller support along with tilt and virtual d-pad options, to help you spin into glorious victory...

'Wizards and Wagons' Gets a New Trailer, Launching Next Week

What do you do when you're the world's hero and you've vanquished all the bad guys? Take up a job as a traveling salesman, obviously. That is the premise behind Wizards and Wagons, which we first took a look at back in September and is getting set to launch next Thursday, November 12th. You'll travel the world in your merchant wagon, trying to turn a profit trading goods, fighting off enemies in between towns, and upgrading your wagon with weapons and armor. All in an effort to regain the riches you once knew as a hero. Check it out in action in this brand new trailer...

'Venture Kid' Lives! New Trailer Available, Release Planned for this Winter

Way back in February of last year, a trailer for a retro-inspired action platformer called Venture Kid got me all excited. You could clearly see the heavy Mega Man influence in how main character moved and blasted his weapon, as well as in the enemy and environment designs. It was a total love letter to Mega Man, and seeing as that's one of my all-time favorite franchises, it pleased me greatly. It was also uncanny how well Venture Kid captured the essence of an NES-era title, from the music and sound effects right down to the flickering sprites and color palette. ..

Final 'Zodiac' Character Spotlight Revealed, Game Near Release

Kobojo Games' Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is looking like one of the more gorgeous upcoming RPGs, and the word we're getting is that the game is finally nearing its release – which will be a paid game, remember. Anyway, Kobojo has been releasing some character spotlights for the stars of their game, and the last one is for the big and mighty Dag:..

'Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade' Just Soft Launched in Singapore

Another day, another Warhammer game, yes. There's actually a pretty good interview talking about how and why Games Workshop is licensing out their properties to so many developers now. But one particularly notable Warhammer game is making its first appearance on the App Store right now, as Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade has just popped up on the Singapore App Store. If that name sounds particularly familiar, it's because Pixel Toys' mech-stomping game was on stage at the iPhone 6s announcement, and was one of the first games to demo 3D Touch. Now you can try it for yourself if you live in Singapore, or have the means to get it...

Award Winning Two-Player Board Game 'Le Havre: The Inland Port' Releases Next Week

This has been a good week for board game news so far, and it's barely Wednesday. After getting Steam: Rails to Riches [$2.99] yesterday (albeit with some issues from what I've heard), we are also getting Le Havre: The Inland Port on November 10th. If you haven't heard of this game yet, it's a 2-player award-winning board game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and shares the theme of the other famous board game, Le Havre. In Le Havre: The Inland Port, players compete to become the richest harbormasters by acquiring resources, constructing buildings, and so on. Players take turns constructing buildings or using existing buildings effects (much like Le Havre). As with similar board games, it comes down to optimizing moves and making the most of the existing buildings. You can even use your opponent's buildings, but you have to pay them money to do so...

'King Tongue' is a Game With a Giant Grappling Hook Tongue

I enjoy grappling hook games, and think there are way too few of them in the world. Super QuickHook [$2.99] remains maybe my favorite iOS game of all time, and Kepa of Rocketcat says that part of the difficulty of doing a game like that is because it's difficult to do. The physics, the level design, everything. So, when a developer decides to try, I applaud. Thus, when I saw the trailer for King Tongue, I suddenly got rather excited:..

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