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Lucky Frame's Roguelike 'The Nightmare Cooperative'  Quests on iOS on Thursday, August 28th

Lucky Frame's The Nightmare Cooperative came out on Steam back in July, and was announced as coming to iOS at around that time as well, but now we know when the company's "kind of a puzzley roguelike is finally hitting, on August 28th, this Thursday. Check out their trailer below for the game's impending mobile release:..

'Gemini Strike' Preview - The Vertical Shoot ‘em Up Goes Freemium

I’ve seen a lot of different genre melds but one I’ve not really seen before is a freemium shoot ‘em up. Yet, that’s exactly what the folks at Armor Games have done with Gemini Strike, a soon to be released shooter. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking like this freemium experiment might be a cool success...

Upcoming 'The Witcher Battle Arena' Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Early last month, CD Projekt Red announced The Witcher Battle Arena for mobile devices, and this week they've unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the game. The Witcher Battle Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) in a similar vein to League of Legends or Dota 2, the two major heavyweights in the genre, but set in the Witcher universe. The new trailer looks really slick, check it out...

Nival's 'Etherlords' Brings World-Building and RPG Battling to the App Store on September 4th

Nival, creators of Defenders [Free], known as Prime World: Defenders outside of iOS, and King's Bounty: Legions [Free], have announced Etherlords, coming September 4th for iOS, boldly forgoing the "Title: Subtitle" format of their previous games. As well, they're trying to make a free-to-play game that is much more player-friendly than similar titles...

Throwback First-Person Dungeon Crawler 'Legend of Grimrock' Still Coming to iOS

Way back in August of 2011, almost three years ago to the day in fact, we first heard about an old-school style first-person dungeon crawler called Legend of Grimrock from then-brand-new studio Almost Human. The game looked gorgeous, and at the time was planned for a release on PC, Mac and iOS before the end of 2011. Well, that didn't quite happen, and it wasn't until April of the following year that Legend of Grimrock launched on PC, and not until that December that it launched on Mac and Linux. And the iOS port, that didn't come along until… well, we're still waiting for that one...

Upcoming 'Angry Birds Stella' Launching on September 4th

Rovio is on the verge of releasing a new wing (HEH.) in to Angry Birds universe. They've been teasing it on Twitter forever now, but Angry Birds Stella finally has a launch date of September 4th. Here's the trailer, which features no gameplay, but instead just some pretty rad animation of the cast of characters:..

'Zombie Highway 2' Details Spilling Out Like So Many Zombies' Entrails

Zombie Highway 2 is coming. Auxbrain's hit kill-zombies-with-a-car simulator was much beloved in its original Zombie Highway [Free / Free] incarnation, and last year saw Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed [Free], not a true sequel but definitely a sign of things to come for the series. Zombie Highway 2 is coming this fall. Kevin Pazirandeh of Auxbrain recently did a Twitch stream covering what the game will have now: here's an archive of the whole thing:..

Check Out the New 'Mikey Boots' Trailer

Check Out the New 'Mikey Boots' Trailer

August 19th, 2014 3:17 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Upcoming Games
$1.99 Buy Now

If you listen to our podcast, chances are you've been hearing about Mikey Boots for months now. And if you're not listening to our podcast, what the hell, man? Mikey Boots is essentially the Return of the Jedi of the Mikey trilogy. Mikey Shorts [$1.99] set the scene, Mikey Hooks [$1.99] built suspense (and added hooks) and Mikey Boots likely will end with a massive crescendo filled with X-Wings and orcs attacking Minas Tirinth...

Team Meat Announces 'A Voyeur for September'

Team Meat just announced another iOS game, titled A Voyeur for September, which in their words is a "live action stealth game." Not a whole lot else is known about the game outside of the fact that it's going to be on display at PAX Indie Megabooth later this month. Oh, there's a teaser trailer too, which doesn't add a whole lot beyond that:..

'Deep Under the Sky' from 'Incredipede' Creator Coming This Week

Colin Northway of Incredipede [$3.99] fame has announced his latest title, Deep Under the Sky, releasing this Wednesday on iOS. Created in collaboration with Rich Edwards, creator of Pineapple Smash Crew on PC, this puzzler bosts a gorgeous alien look and single-tap gameplay...

'Max Gentlemen' from 'Organ Trail' Developers Hangs its Hat on the App Store on Thursday

Organ Trail [$2.99] creators The Men Who Wear Many Hats have announced that their local multiplayer hat-stackathon, Max Gentlemen, is finally releasing on Thursday, August 21st for iOS, among other platforms, with cross-platform multiplayer...

Exclusive Hands On With 'Flappy Bird' Creator Dong Nguyen's Next Game: 'Swing Copters'

Looking back on the Flappy Bird phenomenon, and the onslaught of games developer Dong Nguyen inspired with his brutally difficult single-tap gameplay, it's clear what made it so hard to put down. The first time you loaded up Flappy Bird, chances are you didn't even make it through the first set of pipes. It might not have even been until your 10th try that you managed to make it through, but man what a feeling that was...

Confirmed: 'Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online' Coming to iPad Later This Year

On Friday, we posted about a vague tweet from Pokemon YouTuber TheJWittz from the Pokemon Championship over the weekend mentioning that Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online was coming to iPad. Well, that's since been confirmed by Polygon that it's not only real, but then Kotaku got word that it's coming this year...

Top Pokemon YouTuber Claims 'Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online' is Coming to iPad

As pointed out by Gamezebo earlier this afternoon, strange things are afoot in the world of Pokemon. Pokemon YouTuber TheJWittz tweeted the following photo and said, "It looks like Pokémon TCGO is in works for the iPad! Should be a huge way to expand the game."..

Check Out 'Skater', an Upcoming Skateboard Simulation Game that Features Real World Skate Spots

Anybody that reads TouchArcade with regularity knows that I love myself some skateboarding games. From more simulation-style ones like True Skate and Touchgrind Skate 2, to the more arcadey ones like Transworld Endless Skater and Stickman Skater. There's a new one on its way that's simply titled Skater, and it falls more in the simulation category and is noteworthy in that it features real life skating locations. I actually played a very, very early version of this game at GDC last year, when it was called Touch Skate, and was impressed by a couple of its features that made it stand out from the pack of similar games...

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