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James Bond Goes the Kim Kardashian Way in Upcoming 'James Bond: World of Espionage'

Glu Mobile, of the Kim Kardashian games fame, has announced that it's releasing another game "soon," and this one will be all about the world's most famous and dapper spy, James Bond. Although Bond is famous for his solitude (outside the fleeting "affairs"), James Bond: World of Espionage is a social game that has you competing and cooperating with other secret agents around the world. According to the trailer, you'll hire agents to work for you, visit famous locations from the Bond universe, take and break all the expensive gadgets Q can offer, and use your weapons and wits to take out other agents in PvP...

'Crossy Road' Developers at Mighty Games Unveil 'Shooty Skies'

Mighty Games is an intriguing company consisting of four Australian developers with a boatload of experience in mobile: Matt Hall and Andy Sum, best known for their work on Crossy Road Crossy Road [Free] are part of Mighty Games along with Ben Britten (who worked with Tin Man Games on many gamebooks) and Matt Ditton, who worked on Breath of Light [$2.99] with Many Monkeys. The foursome has just announced and released gameplay footage for their first game, Shooty Skies, and it's interestingly enough, a shoot 'em up:..

'Robots vs. Ghosts' is the Game About Killing Ghosts We Really Need

There are four types of conflict that are normally cited as the basis of fiction: Man against man, man against society, man against nature, and man against self. But for far too long, the fifth, and possibly most important form of conflict in fiction, has been neglected by lazy creators all over the world too complacent to tackle this all-important conflict: robots against ghosts. Finally, one stunning and brave developer is tackling this conflict head-on in Robots vs. Ghosts. Check out the trailer:..

Noodlecake's 'The Balloons' is Kind of Like 'Crossy Road' with Pixel Art and Helium

We had a brief teaser of The Balloons from Noodlecake Games, Hyperbeard, and Apps-o-Rama, mostly centered around spikes. But what about the actual game itself? Well, a trailer with actual gameplay footage is out now, and it shows off some of what to expect from The Balloons. Namely, balloons flying and trying to avoid spikes, while getting as high as possible, because isn't that the goal in life? Check out the trailer, which mixes gameplay footage with a cat trying to be a balloon:..

'Super Sharp' is a Physics Puzzler from the Developer of 'Quetzalcoatl'

1Button has developed a reputation for making some solid puzzlers with minimalist art styles, and their next game is looking like it's gonna be well in that vein, but with a new physics puzzler twist. Super Sharp will have you making cuts in objects to hopefully cause gravity and the other laws of physics to make your newly cut pieces hit the squares in the level, in order to successfully complete it. The GIFs of the game are looking super-smooth:..

Well before John Romero was known for his work at id Software designing DooM [$4.99], he made a game called Dangerous Dave, a platformer initially created for a magazine called UpTime, meant to show off GraBASIC and an article he wrote about it. It led to a whole series of Dangerous Dave games across multiple platforms, inspired Commander Keen, and ultimately laid the groundwork for id Software to create Wolfenstein 3D and DooM. In case you haven't noticed, first-person shooters are still a pretty popular genre, and those games were probably the spearheads that made the genre a lasting force in the gaming world. But Romero hasn't forgotten about Dangerous Dave. In fact, he's porting the game to iOS, and it's apparently coming out soon: ..

'Magic Flute' Combines Video Games, Mozart, and Japanese Opera?!

I'm very glad that one of the after-effects of the success of Monument Valley [$3.99] is that it's encouraging other developers to try and do their own artsy puzzlers on the App Store with their own unique influences. Magic Flute is another one of those games, releasing this Thursday, September 24th, on to the App Store. Created by Polish studio LabLike, in collaboration with Japanese stage director Amon Miyamoto, this is a puzzle game based on Mozart's opera The Magic Flute...

TGS2015: Square Enix And Perfect World Announce 'Final Fantasy Type-0 Online'

I've already outlined the games that China-based publisher Perfect World had on display in their Tokyo Game Show booth in another post, but they had one more surprise up their sleeve. Square Enix announced a new online game, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, to be released in Japan in spring of 2016 for mobiles and PC, developed by Perfect World. A worldwide release is under consideration but not confirmed at this point. But wait, what about that other mobile Final Fantasy Type-0 game? The one we previewed, that Square Enix said would be released worldwide? Well, I hope you weren't too attached...

TGS 2015: Perfect World Shows Off 'Torchlight Mobile' And Other Action-RPGs

Perfect World might not be famous in the English-speaking world yet, but they're certainly aiming to be. If you know their name at all, chances are it's because they're going to be publishing Torchlight Mobile, the free-to-play take on the PC hit action-RPG. They had a few titles on display at their booth at the Tokyo Game Show, and I gave them all a spin...

TGS 2015: Hands-On With 'Project-S', A Cool New 3D Action Game

For all the big sights and sounds of the Tokyo Game Show, I usually find the best games in the humble little Indies section of the floor, and this year was no exception. Auer Media And Entertainment, a relatively large indie developer from Taiwan, had two of their games on display. Although both were quite good, my favorite of the two, and maybe my favorite mobile game of the show, was an action game called Project-S...

TGS 2015: Hands-On With Auer's 'Empire Of Angels'

If there was one genre with healthy representation at this year's Tokyo Game Show, it was the action-RPG. It felt like everyone from the biggest media empires to the smallest indies were taking a stab at making their own action-RPG, and Taiwanese developer Auer was no exception. Their game is called Empire Of Angels, a free-to-play game that has you taking control of powerful warriors in Asgard in top-down 3D action...

'Dragon Quest 7: Warriors Of Eden' Preview - Import Impressions

The last of Square Enix's announced ports of the mainline Dragon Quest games arrived in the Japanese App Store late last week, and although I've been pretty busy, I've still managed to tuck in around 20 hours on it. Now, that's only between about a fifth to a quarter of the way through Dragon Quest 7, the longest game in the series by a good measure, but I think it's far enough to give you my impressions, friends. Fair warning: although I've called this article a preview, we have no confirmation or clue as to whether or not Square Enix plans to localize this game outside of Japan. It's a massive game and it needs a completely new English script. That was enough to keep the Nintendo 3DS version from making the jump so far, and it very well may turn out to be the case here...

Mi-Clos Announces Upcoming Game 'Sigma Theory', a New Take on the Spy Genre

Mi-Clos, the French Studio behind the fantastic Out There and the upcoming Void and Meddler, has just announced another upcoming project, and it looks fantastic. Sigma Theory takes place in the near future where scientists make a world-changing technological breakthrough (hopefully smartphones that don't run out of battery all the time). You play as the head of your country's intelligence agency tasked with world domination using any means possible, including the power of the Sigma Theory. To achieve that goal, you'll have to pick your team members out of the 50 unique agents included in the game and then guide that team during field operations in real-time action...

Prettygreat's Debut Title 'Land Sliders' Launching September 24th

Everyone has been anxious for the first release from Prettygreat, a small studio started by former Halfbrick developers earlier this year, and that moment is quickly approaching. Land Sliders is the name of that first game and they've just announced that it'll be arriving in the App Store this Thursday, September 24th. Land Sliders involves guiding your character around a randomly generated world by swiping the ground they stand on. As you explore you'll be collecting items, avoiding enemies, completing quests and solving puzzles...

'Super Nitro Chimp' is like 'Mario Kart' but with Chimps on Motorcycles

What's better than a game called Nitro Chimp [Free]? Well, what about Super Nitro Chimp? That's exactly what C2 Game Studio and Built Games is, well, building right now. Where Nitro Chimp was more of an endless game, Super Nitro Chimp is more about actual racing, where you have similar swipe-to-move controls, with the ability to do flips, but the game is overall more Mario Kart-esque. Except instead of the only simians being the various Kongs, now everyone's chimping it up against each other on motorcycles. Though I also see a fox in the game, that is definitely not on #brand...

Flaregames' 'Dawn of Steel' Brings Giant Robots to Your Doorstep This Week

Flaregames has announced that its RTS and raiding-strategy game Dawn of Steel is going worldwide this week after a lengthy soft launch phase. The game falls into the Clash of Clans model [Free] of building a base with defenses from attackers, while you also go out and raid others' bases. But, most importantly, this is a game where you have control of a team of bidpedal robots that you can command in battle, taking cover and using abilities on targets to help take down your enemies. It's a pretty cool combo. Here's a video showing off some of the actual gameplay: ..

'Solitairica' Mixes Solitaire and Roguelikes in Early 2016

I am all in favor of the recent trend of solitaire-based RPGs, asa I like the idea of taking the familiar input of a deck of cards and turning it into something that fits into the less-abstract world of RPGs. We've seen Card Crawl [$2.99] and Donsol [$1.99] already, but there's another one in the works: Solitairica. The first game by the folks at Righteous Hammer games, consisting of ex-AAA veterans, this aims to combine solitaire and roguelikes in the vein of FTL [$9.99 (HD)]. Check out a trailer for the game:..

'Stair Free' is Extreme Stair-Climbing from the Creators of 'Catsport' and 'QWOP'

Sometimes games just need a second shot to take hold. Stair Free, based on Stair: Slide the Blocks to Ascend [$1.99] by Alec Thomson, developer of games with great names like Catsport [Free], with art and sound by QWOP [$0.99] creator Bennett Foddy, is releasing this Thursday, September 24th. The game has been repurposed as a free, ad-supported game, and you'll be able to try it out for yourself this week. The game has you moving stair blocks for a jumper, where you have to make sure they have a safe landing spot and don't hit any spikes or other traps on their way up, with your score being based on how many stairs you climb...

Orbital Runner 'Astra' Launching this Thursday

Orbital Runner 'Astra' Launching this Thursday

September 21st, 2015 5:30 PM EDT by Jared Nelson in News, Upcoming Games
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We've had our eye on upcoming orbital runner Astra for a while now, first back in February with a glimpse of the game in the world's greatest form of media the animated .gif and then more recently in early August with a proper trailer which gave us a look at the game in motion. Well, it's all coming to a head as Astra is finished, approved by Apple, and set to launch on September 24th. Here's that trailer again...

'Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom' is Like 'Sonic Dash' but with More Random Bandages

Sega's got a new Sonic Dash [Free] game in the works, as they've just soft launched Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom on the Canadian App Store. While I'm still kind of hoping for a good 2D horizontal Sonic auto-runner, maybe more Super Meat Boy Forever than, uh, Sonic Runners [Free], which Shaun was not kind to. And hey, I went back to Sonic Dash at a later point, and actually kind of enjoyed it. Anyhow, here's a sequel with the ability to play with 3 different characters at once, new powers (Knuckles can swing from an energy grappling hook? Okay, now I'm excited), and of course, random arm bandages and scarves...

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