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Upcoming 'Deadliest Catch' Game Promises to Throw you into the Icy Alaskan Seas

I remember a few years ago when most cable channels, especially the Discovery Channel, started producing shows that let us enjoy an often-sanitized and idealized view of different dangerous or weird occupations, from being a lumberjack to flipping real estate. However, the show that really stood out for me, and for critics since it was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards, was The Deadliest Catch, the show about crab fishing in the Bering Sea. After two relatively unsuccessful games based on the TV show, Tapinator, a mobile game developer, announced today that it's developing a game called Deadliest Catch: Seas of Fury for mobile platforms so we can all finally dare Alaska's icy waters from the comfort of our couches...

Adult Swim Games' 'Tofu Hunter' Mocks Vegans This Week

Look, I think veganism is silly, but I didn't go so far as to create a game where you shoot tofu. But Paw Print Games really doesn't like vegans, and has teamed up with Adult Swim Games to make Tofu Hunter, which is releasing on the App Store this Thursday, May 14th. You'll take aim at wild, free-range tofu, shooting them to feed those barbaric vegans who don't know that all life comes from death! And in this case, death at the hands of my rifle...

'Devil's Doom' is a Devilish High Score Platformer Releasing Next Month

Tom Aldahn, a graphic-designer-turned-game-developer, has announced his first game under the Rungo Games label, which is coming to mobile next month: Devil's Doom. This game has you controlling a plucky little devil, who is collecting feathers and bopping enemies on the head. Why? Because why not. If you found yourself in a situation where you had to bop enemies' heads and there's giant counter above your head, you'd be trying to make it go up as high as possible, too...

'Skiing Yeti Mountain' Shreds on to the App Store Next Week

Skiing Yeti Mountain, the skiing game I previewed last month, is finished and is nearing a final release date. Developers Featherweight Games, also creators of Enterchained [$0.99], are releasing their goofy little skiing game next week, on May 21st. The game will be free to download and supported by ads, with a $2.99 IAP to remove them. You'll be slaloming, racing, and just trying to discover, what is up with the yeti on this mountain!..

NimbleBit's 'Capitals' Launches in Canada Ahead of Worldwide Release Next Week

Did you not get into the Capitals beta test from NimbleBit and have wanted to give their turn-based word game a shot? Well, good news if you're Canadian or "Canadian" – Capitals is now available on the Canadian App Store. NimbleBit's calling this a stress test, and they've also announced the worldwide release date: May 21st. The game is effectively complete, they're just making sure nothing breaks when they put it out among the wild, unpredictable public...

'Dragon of Legends' is an Upcoming MMO That's Coming to Every Platform Under the Sun

The name is super-generic, but Dragon of Legends is looking like quite the promising game. This promises to be a cross-platform MMORPG that's aiming to be playable on iOS and Android, as well as desktops and consoles. The game is heavily inspired by Irish and Norse mythology, where players will choose their side between the Norse and the Celts and complete to rule the world. Check out the pixel-art-filled teaser:..

'Leo's Fortune' Publisher Tilting Point Releasing 'Languinis" Worldwide This Week

Publisher Tilting Point is bringing Languinis out worldwide this Thursday, May 14th, after a soft launch in countries like Canada. The game is a combination of match-3 puzzlers and word games, where you'll be making color matches to uncover word tiles, and then forming words from the letters that are uncovered. Seems a bit like Puzzlejuice [$1.99] but with more of a Bejweled [Free] twist rather than Tetris [$0.99]. Also, you can form words from any tiles, rather than having to link adjacent ones together. Seems like an interesting mix!..

BadFly's 'Dead Effect 2' Promises More Gorgeous Killing of Zombies in Space

What kind of got lost in our recovery from the GDC plague was that BadFly's got a sequel to their solid Dead Effect [Free] in the works, and it's quite the looker. Dead Effect 2 is in the works, and it's going to deliver more murdering of space zombies this fall. Check out the teaser trailer, which might not be in-game footage, but considering that the first game was a good-looking one, and the advance of mobile graphics hardware over the last couple of years, there's hope for this one to look pretty good:..

'Demon Hunters: Dungeon of the Hell Dragon' First Impressions - Dungeon Crawling in 3D

Let's see if I can get your attention with two words: Fantasy XCOM. Pretty sure that worked. I've recently been playing Demon Hunters: Dungeon of the Hell Dragon (I know, not the most original title), an upcoming dungeon crawler by Wave Light Games that's gotten people in the forums very excited and for good reason. The developers, who come from a table-top wargamming and strategy-game background,  describe the game as a cross between Warhammer Quest and XCOM, borrowing the dungeon crawling and loot-gathering from Warhammer and the cover and line-of-sight aspects from XCOM. The game is currently in Testflight Beta, and while there's still a lot of work to be done, I like where it's heading...

Did You Like 'Orbital'? Then Check Out the Upcoming 'Hue Ball', Y'All

Orbital [$2.99 / Free / $2.99 (HD)] was one of the cooler games of the early days of the App Store, and it was great to see it get updated earlier this year. It was based on a game called Gimme Friction Baby by Wouter Visser. Another game that claims inspiration from that Flash title is due on to the App Store: Hue Ball starts from a similar genesis, where a cannon aiming left to right fires balls into a playing field. But the mechanics of what happens to the balls is different: the balls that stay on the playing field will grow in size over time, eventually becoming undestroyable behemoths. You must keep the playing field as clear as possible, not letting any balls go below the playing field's safe line...

'Pills4Skills' Will Deliver Trippy Puzzling Action This Month

If you ever played Crackdown on Xbox 360 – and you should have – there's an infamous line of narration: "Remember: skills for kills, agent. Skills for kills." While I can't find a good clip of it on YouTube, the title of Pills4Skills sounds like a reference to it, and I approve of anything Crackdown. Also, it's looking like quite the curious platformer itself. Check out the trippy trailer:..

tinyBuild's Bizarre RPG 'Fearless Fantasy' Coming May 14th, New Trailer Released

Just about a year ago, tinyBuild released their turn-based RPG Fearless Fantasy on Steam. It featured some of the most bizarre visuals I've seen in a game, and overall it's been positively received by those who have played it. A version has been planned for mobile for quite some time, and tinyBuild even ran an open beta testing phase on our forums starting back in February. The beta went smoothly, the game was all ready to be released… but tinyBuild wasn't feeling it. They weren't entirely happy with the final product, so they went back and tightened up some things as well as completely redid much of the art for the game. No small task, and it pushed the game's mobile release back a couple of months, but finally the version of Fearless Fantasy that tinyBuild has envisioned for mobile is finally ready and releasing on May 14th. Here's a brand new trailer...

'Worp' is a Fun Upcoming High Score Game from an 18 Year-Old Developer

The fast-reaction, high-score-chase, micro-game genre that's swept the App Store by storm is a genre that has a few key tenets that can be tricky to do well: simple gameplay that's challenging, with intense action. The best games do the Flappy Bird thing, where a score of 0 or 100 are both equal possibilities. Max Glockling's upcoming Worp, based on a pre-release build I've played, looks like it's hitting all those buttons. You'll be controlling a ship spinning around the inside of a circle, trying to dodge balls that are shooting from a cannon directly across from you. There are multiple balls, tricky angles, and a playfield that shifts in size as you play to contend with. It's challenging and a ton of fun. Check out the trailer:..

In honor of it being both Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday, Noodlecake Games decided it was the perfect time to announce the latest game they're publishing. From Mexican studio One Simple Idea comes Mucho Taco, a game that finally brings tacos to idle clickers. You'll be using a golden tortilla to create tacos, starting from one little taco stand, building up to a taco empire. Just remember: you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become Taco Bell...

'Dominion Online' is Getting Closer to Release, Probably

If you enjoy card games and you own an iPad, then I'm pretty sure you're one of those who seriously roll their eyes when they hear the word "Dominion." For the uninitiated, Dominion was created by game designer Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games in 2008 and is seen by many as the grandfather of deck-building card games, and even though some find it a bit boring, its influence is seen in many great card games including Stoneblade's Ascension. Back in 2012, Goko Games tried to develop an HTML5-based platform in order to enable iOS players to enjoy cross-platform gaming without needing to download a separate app. Goko based its whole marketing on launching Dominion as its flagship game to prove the technology worked. Notable as the ambition was, it failed so miserably that it actually became a joke among iOS gamers...

'Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon' is Looking for Beta Testers (or Cannon Fodder)

Slitherine is continuing its inexorable march to conquer both PC and iOS with its announcement today that iPad beta testers for Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon are expected to report for duty here. For those who lower their gaze when miniatures take the field to slaughter each other, Warhammer 40,000 (or 40K), is a tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop which has a pretty huge following. Recently, there have been as many Warhammer games on iOS as there are half-painted miniatures in the houses of many thirty-something guys. However, this iOS game will probably be among the best Warhammer games on any platform...

NItrome's Latest Game 'Cooped Up' Flies Free This Week

Nitrome's continuing to work hard on putting out new games on a regular basis. Their latest game this year is Cooped Up, which releases on Wednesday. This game has you controlling a green finch that has to go upward and eat insects, because a bird's gotta eat. Unfortunately, other birds stand in the way. Ugly, featherless birds, often too fat to even move by themselves. So, you must use your finger to propel this green finch upward, to get more points and to eat bugs, while avoiding those ugly other birds...

'Anodia 2' Combines Brick-Breakers with...'Crossy Road'?

Fans of brick-breaker games will want to keep an eye out for Anodia 2 this Thursday, as it brings stylish brick-breaking action with loads of powerups to iOS for free. The sequel to 2011's Anodia [$2.99] will feature 80 levels of brick-breaking with a number of gimmicks: invisible levels, glass bricks, challenging bricks, power-downs and power-ups, and more! If you're interested in giving it a try, the folks at CLM Games have put a web-based demo online for you to try out from a desktop browser...

'GoatZ' Combines 'Goat Simulator' and Zombie Survival, Coming to iOS This Week

Coffee Stain Studios has just announced the latest Goat Simulator [$4.99] expansion pack, and unlike Goat MMO Simulator, it's actually coming to mobile! GoatZ is coming to Goat Simulator this week, and that includes iOS! GoatZ will finally bring together the two most popular genres out there that aren't Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99]: absurd physics simulators, and zombie-survival-crafting games. Seriously, you'll finally be able to craft things and fight off zombies while also a goat. The trailer must be seen to be believed:..

Recycling Gets Deadly in the Upcoming 'Shredmill' from the Creator of 'Cubed Rally Racer'

It's generally good advice to avoid papercuts. They hurt! In Shredmill, avoiding papercuts is the literal goal. You control a stack of paper that must avoid any number of hazards. This is the latest game from Nocanwin of Cubed Rally Racing [$0.99 / $1.99 (HD)] fame. You'll be using one-tap controls to dodge buzzsaws, barriers, and stay on your treadmill before fans hit you. Check out the game in action:..

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