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'Forward Assault' Aims to Be the Next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Mobile

I feel like over the years I've lost count of the number of promising Counter-Strike-likes we've seen in development on mobile. If you're unfamiliar with the Counter-Strike phenomenon the tl;dr basically amounts to it started its life as a mod for the PC game Half-Life back in 1999 and quickly turned into the game to play at LAN parties. Since then, it's turned into a global phenomenon with the most recent iteration, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played as an eSport and has a huge real-money in-game economy for skins. (Don't even ask me how much I paid for my dumb knife skin, holy sh*t, I am an idiot.) Anyway, it feels like every once in a while a cool looking beta will pop up that looks a lot like Counter-Strike then for whatever reason it just fizzles out. Hopefully that's not the case with Forward Assault, a game that's being constantly teased on Twitter and currently available in its "unreleased" form on Google Play...

The Puzzle-Action RPG 'Phobos Children' Is on the Hunt for Beta Testers

Chalk this game up as something we missed working insane hours during the our end of the year pre-iTunes freeze insanity, but, hey, better late than never right? The upcoming puzzle-action RPG Phobos Children has been on the hunt for beta testers on our forums for a few weeks now. Forum member Tychaeus has some pretty detailed first impressions on the game which looks a bit like a rhythm game but what you're actually doing is tapping series of three individual similarly colored orbs which then powers up the character that corresponds to that color which results in attacking whatever enemy you're facing off at the time. You don't have the luxury of waiting around for the perfect chain to appear, as orbs are slowly descending towards the bottom of the screen, so you've got to form a fast-paced strategy to make what you've got access to at that particular time turn into a huge attack. The payment model is said to be similar to Puzzle & Dragons [Free], which loads of people are already familiar with (and don't seem to have a problem with). ..

'Super Planet Defender' is Headed to iOS Soon

We've had a thread in our forums cookin' for a while now for the upcoming game Super Planet Defender which actually has been slowly drizzling out beta releases on Android. The object of the game is to survive as long as you can in a world where your planet is just being absolutely bombarded with comets and other astral bodies. Check it out in action:..

Hey, remember when Gameloft's game release roadmap leaked on April Fool's Day and no one was sure if it was real? Well, the Grand Theft Auto-like we mentioned set in New Orleans seems to have missed its release window from the original leaks, but it actually exists nonetheless. As pointed out by eagle-eyed forum member Hen14, Gangstar New Orleans just soft launched in the Philippines and apparently is the "gold standard for open-world action-adventure." Turf wars seem to be the game's online social mechanic, and I'm hoping it's some kind of real multiplayer mode instead of just some weird social battle mechanic as a mobile GTA-like with some killer multiplayer would be really cool...

"Platforming Golf" is the New Genre Created for 'Golf Zero', From the Makers of 'Wrassling' and 'It's a Space Thing'

We love Colin Lane's games around the virtual offices of TouchArcade, and I'm personally a huge fan of wacky physics-based games which Lane has specialized in with the likes of Wrassling [Free], Epic Flail [Free], and Dunkers [Free]. He's also got a penchant for golf as evidenced by his previously released Golf is Hard [Free] and Battle Golf [Free] as well as the reveal of his latest project called Golf Zero, which is a collaboration with indie game developer Brad Erkkila whose work includes It's a Space Thing [Free] and FlipChamps [Free]. Ok, now that we've established that Lane and Erkkila have created and released a bunch of awesome games already and both seem to like the game of golf, what the heck is Golf Zero all about then? Unsurprisingly, this is NOT a traditional game of golf. ..

Beta Opens for Platform Shooter 'Get Me Outta Here', New Trailer Released

Back in July of last year, we brought you the first video of Get Me Outta Here, a new platform shooter from the two brother development team Rossman Bros Games. The entire project started the previous April, and now just about six months out from that first early look at the alpha version and the Rossman Bros are finally opening up the beta testing and have provided a new trailer of the game. Get Me Outta Here is about a man who is abducted by aliens and must blast his way off of their ship. It's an arena-style platform shooter similar to something like Super Crate Box, and features a ton of zany weaponry and enemies to blast. Check out the new video...

Upcoming RPG Epic 'Tower of Time' Promises Over Twenty Hours of Exploration, and Has a Stunning New Trailer

It's a well known fact that anything with 'time' in the title is guaranteed to be a success. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is arguably the greatest game of all time, Adventure Time spearheaded a wave of excellent cartoon shows in the past decade, and developer Event Horizon's upcoming RPG epic Tower of Time is set to follow in such prestigious footsteps. With some beautiful atmospheric graphics that looks to push the platform to its limits, as well as a touted twenty to thirty hours of gameplay, Tower of Time is an extremely ambitious premium effort from an indie developer, and will hopefully kick off 2017 with a bang when it launches in the coming weeks. To tide us over before Tower of Time finally drops, Event Horizon have revealed a brand new trailer and a whole host of details that demonstrate what you can expect to experience in this impressive RPG effort...

Cult Flash RPG 'Sonny' Coming to Mobile Courtesy of Armor Games

In late 2008, developer Krin Juangbhanich release a Flash RPG on the Armor Games website called Sonny. It had you playing as the titular character as he awakened to find he had no memories and the world around him was filled evil beasts and despair. Oh, and one other thing… Sonny is a zombie! Sonny resonated with players nearly ten years ago for its dark and dystopian setting and its heavy emphasis on strategic battling, as opposed to other RPGs where you just grind and level up to brute force your way through. Sonny was a highly tactical affair. The original game proved popular enough to create a sequel and Sonny 2 was released in February of 2009 and received similar critical acclaim as the first game. The plan was for Krin to create a final game in the series, Sonny 3, but instead that third entry is getting rolled into a massive remaster simply called Sonny which includes all the content of the first two games as well as the concluding third game and is heading to iOS soon with other platforms a possibility down the line. Here are some screens from the upcoming iOS version of Sonny...

Pre-Registration Is Now Online for the 'One Piece Thousand Storm' US Launch

Bandai Namco's One Piece Thousand Storm has been available on the Japanese App Store for quite a while now, but a new pre-registration page is now online for the English release of the game which should be available pretty soon. If you're unfamiliar with these pre-registration things, you basically just give them some kind of contact info (in this case, your Facebook, Twitter, or email) and when the game launches, depending on how many people sign up, you'll all get a bonus in-game to give you an edge on other players who didn't sign up. The game itself is a 3D action RPG with a strong multiplayer component set in the One Piece universe, take a look at the trailer:..

Action Adventure Game 'Legend of Abhimanyu' Hits the App Store This Month

Another interesting tidbit from our forums this morning is the announcement of Legend of Abhimanyu from the India-based studio ACY Entertainment. The game tells the story of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata which I don't know much about, but according to Wikipedia, it seems like a pretty cool setting for a game:..

'Prevail' Is Complete and Will Be Submitted to the App Store Soon

We've posted a ton about Johnny Two Shoes' upcoming open universe game Prevail in the past. The latest story came from early November where the developers were only a few bug fixes away from submitting the game to Apple. Well, it'd seem those few bug fixes took more time than expected, which isn't super surprising considering the game has been in the works since 2011. The latest news seems a bit more promising in that all they're waiting for is the launch screen art and then the game will be submitted...

Rocketcat Games to "Focus Entirely on iOS" Version of 'Death Road to Canada' After Completion of Latest Update

There are two PC games that everybody has been getting on about as to their potential iOS release: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Death Road to Canada. Isaac is a whole other animal, but at least Rocketcat Games is putting the hammer down and finishing up Death Road to Canada for iOS. Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games went on our forums to talk about the plans for the iOS game:..

Hi-Rez Reveals 'Smite Rivals', Their Take on 'Clash Royale'

Hi-Rez Studios is bringing a new spin on their popular Smite MOBA to mobile, with Smite Rivals. Described as a "collectable card arena," you'll be taking a deck of 8 units – one of which is a god from among Smite's pantheon of gods from various cultures – into battle, trying to take down your opponent in three-minute battles. Each side has 3 towers and a base to take down, with an overtime period if the number of towers is tied at the end of regulation. If you've played Clash Royale [Free], then you'll be immediately familiar with the basic mechanics of Smite Rivals, but Hi-Rez has applied a few of their own twists to the formula...

'Xenoraid' Shmup from 10tons Hits the App Store on January 12th

10tons released the spectacular Neon Chrome [$9.99] in late 2016 on iOS, and they're kicking 2017 off with another port to iOS, the space shooter Xenoraid, which will release on January 12th. This shmup will have you commanding a fleet of upgradeable ships that you can swap between in the heat of combat, as you blast through enemy waves and boss fights. A campaign mode will feature 40 levels that have dynamic enemy formations, so you have a rough idea of what to expect per level, but can't memorize what's going to happen. Plus, there's three endless survival stages that you can play through...

Real-Time Tactics Game 'Lost Order' Looks Very Promising

Lost Order is an upcoming real-time tactics title that has quite the development team behind it but still no Western release date. The title is developed by Yasumi Matsuno - who's worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, and more - Akihiho Yoshida - who was the art director for Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle - and others, and it looks very promising. According to a recent interview, the game brings real-time tactics with 3D characters to mobile. It will let you pick your team composition and equipment and will have simple controls yet plenty of depth...

'Malevolent Machines' Boss Fight Trailer Revealed

Goodnight Games is hard at work on Malevolent Machines, getting it ready for its February 7th release date. Their latest reveal from the game is how the boss fighting works. Battles take place in two phases: you use the Juggerbot to fend off the boss' first form, then protagonist Leyla will face the boss one on one. The video shows off how you tap to fire, and contend with countering enemy shots to find an opening:..

Borderleap's 'Drop Flip Seasons' Will Bring Wintry Physics to the App Store

Borderleap is jumping into the new year with a sequel to last year's Drop Flip [Free]. Drop Flip Seasons will bring some new levels to the fun physics game. You'll still be manipulating objects in order to get the ball from the top of the level into the bucket, but the game is intended to feature themed level packs based on the different seasons. At launch, there will be 40 winter levels, but the plan is for there to be updates throughout the year with new levels for each season as they pass. Plus, pre-season updates with bonus levels will arrive over the year...

'Zero Sum' Will Offer Math-Based Puzzling with 'Die Hard' Level Explosions and Drama

During GDC 2015, coming up on two years ago, we sat down with developer Sean Kearney to look at his newest project called Zero Sum. You may know Kearney from one of his previous games called One Player Pong [Free], which was a decent game on its own but with the added benefit of having an amazing trailer. He followed that up with an Apple TV version called Super One Player Pong that had an equally amazing trailer. So, obviously Kearney has a sense of humor, and that extended to his game Zero Sum. You see, the premise of Zero Sum is that you're a grad student named Sarah Jacobs who, together with her mentor Professor, discovers the cure for cancer via a long and drawn-out whiteboard equation a la Good Will Hunting. Just as this life-changing discovery is made, an evil terrorist bursts onto the scene ready to steal the cure for his organization's nefarious purposes. They gun down the professor, but in her final moments she makes a brilliant move and erases the plusses and minuses from the cancer-curing equation, rendering it useless to the terrorists. Now, it's up to Sarah to fill in the missing parts of the equation and cure cancer… again! Cue the over-dramatic trailer!..

Heal Thyself with Explosions in 'Remedy Rush' from 'Pivvot' Developer Whitaker Trebella

Whitaker Trebella, developer of Piloteer [$2.99], Pivvot [$2.99], and Polymer [$2.99], is back with a new game, shockingly not starting with a P. Remedy Rush has you trying to advance as far as possible through dynamic mazes, utilizing Bomberman-style explosions to clear your path and enemies. The concept is that you're a remedy making its way through a body, trying to fend off the coming sickness and the germs in your way. Toxins you bump into will have different explosion radiuses that can clear paths and destroy germs. You can also use a health burst to damage walls, enemies, and toxins around you to help clear a path forward, but running out of health is game over...

Here's the First Teaser Footage of Open World Western Adventure 'Guns and Spurs'

Last month we showed you the first screens of Guns and Spurs, a Western-themed open world game from solo developer Sakis25 that is actually a remake of a game he created in Game Maker way back in 2010. This new version is being completely rebuilt using Unity, and although the scope seems a bit small due to being a one-man project, it looks like it's poised to offer some pretty enjoyable cowboy-style fun. One of the activities you'll be able to partake in in Guns and Spurs is racing your horse, and today the first video from the game gives us a brief look at that racing in action...

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