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Fireproof Games Shows New 'The Room Three' Screenshots

Apologies are always nice, but they feel even better when accompanied by an apology gift. Fireproof Games, of The Room [$0.99 (HD)] fame, issued an apology on its Facebook page today for the lack of any updates on the upcoming The Room Three and tried to make up for that lack with two brand new, and absolutely gorgeous, screenshots. The company used a similar tactic a few months ago to apologize for yet another delay. According to the developers, the iterative nature of game development (unsurprisingly) always takes longer than expected, so the company doesn't yet feel comfortable giving us a release date. However, the developers did say that they have almost completed the puzzles and are finishing the final artwork across the game...

Savory Games, creators of the fine Swap Heroes [$0.99] and Swap Heroes 2 [$1.99], are swapping out the RPG themes for something a bit different in the next game in what is now apparently the Swap franchise. Welcome to Swap Cops. Hey, that rhymes! This is meant to be a faster and simpler take on Swap Heroes' swapping gameplay. Characters don't have different attack ranges, always firing to the top of the screen. Swapping has also been simplified to work with just tapping on a character to swap them with the back. It's meant to be more action-oriented, and this GIF of the game shows off what to expect:..

'Legend of Gigatron' is the Next Game from 'Inferno 2' Developer Radiangames

Radiangames, purveyor of fine games such as Super Crossfighter [$1.99] and Inferno 2 [$2.99], has just announced a brand new game called Legend of Gigatron. The developer has just released some alpha footage (viewable in 60 frames per second on YouTube) of the game, and it's looking off the bat like it's a dual-stick shooter combined with perhaps the original Legend of Zelda? Check it out for yourself:..

'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' Releases New Trailer

Monday today, so another Warhammer news day is upon us; of course, all the other days of the week are Warhammer news days too because of the torrent of Warhammer games coming our way recently. Still, I have no issue with Games Workshop licensing games as if the world ends tomorrow because I love the Warhammer universe and strategy games, so more often than not I enjoy Warhammer games. One of the three or four (that I know of) Warhammer games coming out soon, Warhammer: Arcane Magic, has just released a new trailer that offers more gameplay details and gives us a better sense of how the game will play on iOS...

Mojang and Telltale Release 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Trailer

If there's one game out there that can get away with releasing a game trailer not only super early on the weekend, but also on a national frickin' holiday and still have everyone post it, it's Minecraft. Well, that's exactly what has happened. Telltale and Mojang blasted out the first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, direct from Minecon in London, at 5:45 AM Central time on a Saturday and the 4th of July. So, Happy Birthday, America...

You Should Definitely Keep an Eye On 'Dicetiny: The Lord of the Dice,' Coming Out Next Year

Sometimes an interesting art style suffices for a game to get my attention, and the art style of Dicetiny: The Lord of the Dice definitely did the trick. While an interesting art style can catch my eye, it takes more than that to actually get me interested in a game. When I read that the game looked to Hearthstone, Monopoly, and Rogue-like RPGs for inspiration, I was intrigued. Judging from the image and the gameplay video, you'll be going around the monopoly-like board using spells or abilities like in Hearthstone all the while customizing your character in some way or another. The game also has a lighthearted tone, filled with parodies and humor according to the developer, Fakedice. Apparently, the game started out as PC only, but somewhere along the way the developers decided to switch to mobile instead...

Augmented Reality Game, 'Clandestine: Anomaly', Will Blend The Real and the Digital on July 7th

As I talked about recently in a story on Anki Overdrive, I like developers who try to push mobile gaming in uncommon directions, and ZenFri, a Canadian company with a deep passion for storytelling and experience in producing interactive media, has decided to do just that with its upcoming game, Clandestine: Anomaly. The company aims to blend traditional gameplay, like tower defense tactics,  with location-based AR to create a memorable story. While most developers employ AR technology simply to enhance gameplay opportunities, ZenFri appears to emphasize the storytelling side of the game by employing AR in the hope that using a player's real location will help ground a sci-fi story that would otherwise feel too distant. According to an interview with VentureBeat, the premise of the game centers on your phone getting hijacked by aliens who need your help to survive...

'Anki Overdrive', the Upgraded Robot-Cars Racing Game, is Coming Soon

If you watched the 2013 WWDC, you might remember Anki Drive [Free], the short demonstration of AI-guided cars racing around an oval track without bumping into each other or skidding out. According to Anki, the developers of the game, the cars weren't using the iPhone as a remote control but, rather, as the brains behind an "immersive, real world experience." The players controlled the cars' speed and weaponry and let the AI ensure that the car stayed within the track boundaries. Last year, Anki released the first version of its product on Amazon, and according to the VentureBeat article, it became one of the best-selling toys on Amazon in 2014 (Anki Drive has mostly 4.5 star reviews currently). Recently, Anki has announced that it's launching a major upgrade, Anki Overdrive, on September 20th, and the company hopes that this upgrade will further convince consumers that its product can deliver high-end experience to people who want to play with more than just toy cars...

Check Out New Art from Mi-Clos' Next Project, 'Void and Meddler'

French studio Mi-Clos has been quite busy, what with finally releasing Out There: Omega Edition [$4.99] to iOS. But that's not all they're doing: they're helping to publish a new game from NO CVT, a stylish-looking point-and-click adventure game called Void and Meddler. We've covered it in the past, but we now know when to first expect it, and to see some new concept art from the game from Black Muffin, a duo that's joined on to the project:..

Retro Platformer 'Venture Kid' Still Alive, Heading to Steam and iOS Later this Year

Early last year I was quite taken with a trailer for an upcoming platformer called Venture Kid. It was retro-inspired, like so many platformers are nowadays, but everything from the sound to the visuals felt truly authentic to the NES console of the '80s. You could tell it had a heavy Mega Man influence in terms of the gameplay, and really everything just seemed executed at an extremely high level. I was really looking forward to its 2014 release… except it never came. I tried not to think the worst, but it felt like something bad might have happened to the project. Now, more than a year later, we've gotten word in our forums that Venture Kid is alive and well, and there's even a brand new trailer...

'CSR2,' the Sequel to the Hit 'CSR Racing', Officially Announced With Gorgeous Teaser

if you like car games on iOS, chances are you've played CSR Racing [Free], the great-looking drag racing game released in 2012 and downloaded more than 130 million times. Well, get ready for more drag racing as Naturalmotion and Zynga have just announced CSR2. The developers touted their love for cars and talked about how CSR2 aims, in a way, to realize players' fantasies of owning not just one multi-million dollar super car, but enough to fill a whole garage. The developers have made the cars very customizable, from paint and brake calipers to choosing the real life manufacturer and model trim options. Going for the utmost fidelity, the company worked closely with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, and more to create faithful reproductions of the cars' exterior and interior...

Stylish Runner 'Vector' is Getting a Sequel this Autumn

Nekki Games has announced that their extremely stylish side-scrolling runner Vector [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)] will be getting a sequel later this year. Like Nekki's other popular mobile game Shadow Fight 2 [Free], Vector relies on silhouetted characters with extremely smooth animations to give the game a really unique and stylized look. Vector also has quite a bit more depth than your average runner, with special abilities for your character, unlockable gadgets, and even an interesting storyline to follow. Here are a few screens from the upcoming Vector 2...

'Slashy Hero' is a Promising Draw-Slashing Action-RPG

A studio known as The Gentlebros has just sent over some details on their upcoming mobile hack 'n slash game Slashy Hero, and it is looking promising. There are loads of isometric action-RPGs, but this one has an interesting control scheme, where you draw lines to cut through waves of enemies. Your draw-slashes have limited energy, so you can't just be drawing all over the place, you have to be smart about it. The protagonist has a creative paper-bag head design, too. Check out the trailer!..

In 'Trucksform', Only a Flying Truck with Guns Can Save the World

Do you enjoy trucks? Would you enjoy trucks more if they had the ability to transform, adding guns, hover abilities, and a giant frickin' drill to the front of said truck? That's the universe that Trucksform promises, coming to iOS in mid-July. This is a 2D physics racer, where you drive through hilly landscapes and can do flips in the air, but with certain obstacles that require you using your different truck modes to get past...

'Don't Starve Pocket Edition' Teased via Klei Entertainment Instagram

In late last January we posted about Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve potentially coming to mobile. At the time, it was like a lot of indie "coming to mobile" announcements. Totally non-commital, and framed more around the idea of "It'd be cool if..." and not really "We are doing this on this date." Mobile ports weren't Klei's priority back then, but today it seems like the winds of change are blowing... Or, at least, that's what a recent Instagram post by the developers would suggest:..

'Splendor', The Award-Winning Board Game, is Coming to iOS on July 9th

We haven't had a good board game port on iOS for a few months now, and I've been itching to get my hands on one. Apparently, the board game gods have decided to heed my request and will drop Splendor on the App Store very soon. Splendor, developed by Days of Wonder, first released in 2014 and has become quite popular in board game circles. It has received the 2014 Golden Geek "Board Game and Family Game of the Year" from Board Game Geek, the Best Board Game 2014 from the UK Game Expo, and nominations for the German Spiel des Jahres and the French As d'OR. The game is a chip-collecting and card development game where players take the roles of Renaissance merchants trying to buy gem mines, means of transportations, and shops with the goal of acquiring the most prestige points. The game promotes player interactions as you can "reserve" a card to stop an opponent from getting it...

Godzilab Soft-Launches New Game 'Pirate Power' in Canadian App Store

Godzilab put their name on the map early in the App Store's life with the excellent physics puzzler iBlast Moki, followed by the online multiplayer basketball shooting game StarDunk, and finally the adorable town-builder Happy Street. Now they're readying the release of their next project called Pirate Power, and they've just soft-launched the game in the Canadian App Store. Godzilab describes Pirate Power as a mixture of all their previous games. You'll build up your own pirate ship and battle against other players in PvP in a similar way to StarDunk, and explore lands that look like they could be pulled straight out of Happy Street. They even say the physics in the game have a lot in common with those in iBlast Moki. ..

Mojang is Ceasing Development on Card Battler 'Scrolls', iOS Version Pretty Doubtful Now

Mojang's card-battler Scrolls has had a turbulent existence, to say the least. Originally announced way back in 2011, Scrolls wouldn't even enter a beta period until June of 2013. Then, that beta period went on for a looong time, finally ending with the game's official release on desktop and Android in December of last year. Oh, and in the middle of all that Bethesda sued Mojang over the use of the word "Scrolls" thinking it might create confusion with their long-running The Elder Scrolls series. (That lawsuit made a whole lot more sense after Bethesda announced their own card-battler called The Elder Scrolls Legends at E3 this year.) Anyway, long development cycles and lawsuits aside, poor old Scrolls just never found a mainstream audience. And as such, Mojang has officially announced today that they'll no longer be actively developing new content for Scrolls. ..

One of Telltale's more interesting upcoming projects is Minecraft Story Mode, their narrative adventure game that's set in the Minecraft [$6.99] universe. We don't quite know what to expect from this, but with Minecon this weekend in London, Telltale is teasing that we'll be hearing something this weekend at Minecon:..

How's Your Heisenberg Impression? A 'Breaking Bad' Game Might be Coming Our Way

Apparently, Mr. White, aka the one who knocks, might be visiting our mobile devices soon. According to reports, Sony has filed a trademark application for its product, the TV show Breaking Bad, at the office of Harmonization in the Internal Market. For those not familiar with the show (truly a pity if you aren't), Breaking Bad debuted on AMC in 2008 and ran for five incredible seasons, becoming one of the most respected and admired shows of the last few years and spawning a spinoff, Better Call Saul. The show has spawned thousands of youtube videos and, in general, has become a pop culture talking point. Breaking Bad stars a chemistry teacher who is "pushed" to extreme actions after learning he has cancer (I'm avoiding spoilers here) and had amazing performances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (the rest of the cast is also fantastic)...

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