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Ravenous Games Announces Roguelike-Platformer 'Devious Dungeon 2' Coming Soon

Long time pixel art proprietors Ravenous Games have just announced their next game is about to be finished: Devious Dungeon 2. A follow-up to Devious Dungeon [$1.99], their roguelike-inspired platformer, Ravenous is promising a lot more content. Three classes are available, with the barbarian, rogue, and mage. New levels will be available with new traps and hazards, collectable treasure, and mini-bosses to fight. And of course, the pixel art style that Ravenous has become known for will be throughout the game, in all its colorful, pixelly glory...

Fast-Paced iPad Competitive RTS 'The Ember Conflict' Soft-Launched

Substantial Games has just soft-launched a rather cool online multiplayer real-time strategy game for iPads called The Ember Conflict in a number of territories. The combat starts out 3-on-3, but each team has up to 3 reserve units that they can deploy over time, so combat can get quite frantic and crowded as 6-on-6 combat happens. Plus, it's possible to participate in 2v2 matches, so up to 24 units can be on-screen at once. The game is built for short sessions, with matches taking 2-5 minutes. Your unit selection winds up being important: how do you want to balance for your slow bruisers that can be out-maneuvered, archers that can deal damage from a distance but can't take many hits, or healing support units? That's the question that you have to solve...

Rovio Soft Launches Two Angry Birds Puzzle Games: 'Angry Birds Stella POP!' and 'Angry Birds Fight!'

One of the major criticisms often thrown Rovio's way is accusing the studio of being a one trick pony with its extensive array of very similar Angry Birds games. Recently, they've broken this trend a bit through the release of games that don't involve flinging birds at pigs like Angry Birds Epic [Free] and Bad Piggies [$0.99] and per the Mighty Eagle eyes of the dudes over at Angry Birds Nest, Rovio is getting even further away from the textbook Angry Birds formula by soft launching two incredibly safe puzzle games...

Check Out Video of Sid Meier Himself Playing 'Sid Meier's Starships'

2K and Firaxis recently announced Sid Meier's Starships, a turn-based game about commanding a fleet of starships while exploring the galaxy, a sort of follow-up to Civilization: Beyond Earth which just released late in 2014. Starships is making its way to iPad, thankfully. Sid Meier and Firaxis participated in a panel at PAX South 2015 talking about Beyond Earth and also discussing a lot of what to expect with Starships. Have a free hour? Watch the entire panel below:..

'Stratego Single Player' Will Deliver Board Game Action for Hermits

Everyone likes board games, but they come with the problem of having to play with other people. Eww, no. Youdagames is here to help hermits like me with the upcoming Stratego Single Player. It's pretty much going to deliver what it says on the tin: the Stratego board game, but optimized for solo play on mobile. There will be a campaign mode where you can take on a series of opponents, featuring AI designed in collaboration with a Stratego World Champion. There are also the option for quick battles, in case you just want to get a game in without taking too much time...

A Toast! Bossa Studios Confirms 'I Am Bread' is Coming to iOS

I'm not super religious or anything, but every once in a while I need to call upon a higher power to make my dreams become a reality. When Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios announced their new game I Am Bread back in October of last year, I had a simple request for the Big Man/Woman upstairs: Please Lord let it come to mobile. Ask and ye shall receive, they say. Today in Bossa's weekly I Am Bread video series, aptly titled the Bread Diaries, the studio officially announced that I Am Bread will be heading to iOS. In case you missed the official trailer the first time around, go ahead and bask in its toasty goodness...

'Criminel' is a Cool Looking Upcoming Crime Investigation Mystery

When I was in London last week, one of the games I saw which seemed incredibly promising was 4PM Game's Criminel. It's a gritty criminal investigation mystery set in 19th century Paris. The guys behind it are aiming to tell a cool story during a neat time period in history where so many things from an industrial and scientific perspective were rapidly changing. Through capturing evidence and taking photos in-game, players solve a evolving crime...

'Heroes of Loot 2' from Orangepixel in Development, Maybe Turn-Based?

Prolific solo developer Orangepixel doesn't rest on his druthers. Gunslugs 2 [$2.99] released scant weeks ago, but already he's working on his next game, Heroes of Loot 2. Obviously a sequel to Heroes of Loot [$1.99], the hack 'n slash dungeon crawler, this one's currently planned to take a drastically different turn, by being turn-based. Orangepixel posted a teaser for the game on his Youtube channel, which you can check out here:..

Crank Up the Generators: 'Five Nights at Freddy's 3' is Coming Soon

Well, if you like Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99], then do I have good news: another sequel for the game is in the works. While Five Nights at Freddy's 2 [$2.99] released just a few short weeks ago, developer Scott Cawthon is teasing Five Nights at Freddy's 3 with a new teaser trailer recently released. The teaser isn't promising too much out of the ordinary for the franchise: more creepy animatronics, including a new creepy-looking bunny that's coming after you. Check out the teaser below:..

'Radiation Island' From The Developers of 'Battle Supremacy' Coming This Week

While you might not know Atypical Game by name, you definitely know their games they've released on the App Store. They're the dudes behind Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders [$4.99], Sky Gamblers: Cold War [$4.99], and Battle Supremacy [$4.99]. All are great games with some awesome graphics which are perfect for showing off what iOS devices are capable of. This week they've got a new game on the way called Radiation Island. Check out the teaser:..

Choice Provisions' 'Destructamundo' Destroys the Galaxy on Wednesday

Choice Provisions, the former Gaijin Games, are releasing their next game this Wednesday, January 28th on iOS as well as Steam. Destructamundo is the second in their series of "Mini Visions" following the fantastic Woah Dave [$0.99] late last year, and after a false start release a few weeks ago. This is a game of chain reactions, where you have three bombs per level to destroy everything in the level's planetary system. There's a number of fuses on each planet, with different types getting involved over time, including different planetary shields. ..

PAX South: 'Guild of Dungeoneering' Has You Build the Dungeon, Then Fight Through It

Guild of Dungeoneering is an interesting card-based dungeon-crawler, being developed by Gambrinous and published by Versus Evil, that was on display at PAX South. You have a hand of 5 cards of 3 types: enemy, item, or dungeon floor. You're building out a dungeon as it goes, with floor tiles needing to intersect with each other. This is kind of like the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill in a sense. You don't control the protagonist, they move automatically, but with some influence as to where they go, by laying down cards to potentially get them to go where you want them to...

PAX South: 'Nova Blitz' Promises to be Like Hyper-Caffeinated 'Hearthstone'

If you're a fan of Hearthstone [Free (HD)], you will want to keep an eye on Nova Blitz from Dragon Foundry. I got to play a demo of the game on iPad at PAX South, and it revealed itself to be a very fast-paced take on the card battler. The game's turns essentially tkae place simultaneously, as you have a few seconds to draw out cards from your deck, and then play your cards, and a match can be over in a few minutes thanks to the rapid pace of the game. There's very little waiting around to do anything, you're constantly engaged. ..

'Cut the Rope' Developer ZeptoLab Announce 'King of Thieves', a Hybrid of Platforming and Defense

For a number of years, Angry Birds was the face of mobile gaming. It was a household name across the globe, and it seemed like everyone and their brother had played or at least heard of Angry Birds. One of the first games to really rival that type of success was ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope. The series' casual-friendly puzzle gameplay has captured the hearts of over 600 million people across all platforms and titles, and just as many have fallen in love with its adorable main character Om Nom. ZeptoLabs has been riding high on the success of the Cut the Rope brand, and it's always interesting to see where a company goes after having a mega-hit like that. Today we get the first glimpse of what's next as ZeptoLab has announced their latest project called King of Thieves. Check out the teaser...

MOBA-Inspired 'Jurojin: Immortal Ninja' Soft-Launched in Canada

Critical Bacon Games has just soft-launched their new online multiplayer action game Jurojin: Immortal Ninja in Canada, which you can download here. This game takes some elements of MOBAs, with character customization and skill upgrading, and puts it into a one-on-one action game. You can play against the AI to get money and experience, before going online and fighting other players, with special rewards for winning against human opponents. The game takes place from a top-down view in 3D, and you use an interesting two-thumb control scheme to move around: your thumb moves a mouse-like pointer around on the battlefield, which your character will automatically run to. Then, you use ability buttons on the side of the screen to use them, with auto-targeting to help out with aiming. ..

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