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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

GDC 2018: 'Shy Bunnies' is a Multiplayer Game of Rabbit Stomping

Sort of like how Dizzy Knight answers the question of "What would happen if we built an entire game around Link's spin attack?", Shy Bunnies follows a similar logical progression of "What about an entire multiplayer game centered around stomping in a giant boot like Super Mario Brothers 3?" It ends up working ... incredibly well, particularly with the one-button controls used to control your bunny. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: Go for a Spin in Noodlecake's 'Dizzy Knight'

Along with the onslaught of other games from Noodlecake and friends was Dizzy Knight, an entire game which builds upon a sword spin attack from Link to the Past. (If you've never played it, WTF, but you can charge an attack and Link spins around with his sword.) In Dizzy Knight you see how long you can survive while fighting enemies of increasing difficulty- Exclusively by spinning around. Check it out:..

While Eli and Jared crank out the GDC content, Carter's hosting the podcast once again, with long-time TA contributor Eric Ford co-hosting this week. With the release of PUBG Mobile [Free] and Fortnite mania sweeping the country, Carter and Eric talk about the two games and discuss their experiences: and which one they think is better. Also, will Fortnite's financial success show a new way forward for free-to-play monetization? After that, Carter and Eric answer a couple of submitted questions on how to stop playing a game you spend too much time playing, and whether the Nintendo Switch can avoid falling into the trap of shovelware and race-to-the-bottom prices that affected the App Store.

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Fortnite [Free] is a game that needs absolutely no introduction at this point. Celebrities are playing it, it has taken over Twitch, and the fervor surrounding getting mobile invite codes so you can play the game on your iOS device is absolutely off the charts. We met with the guys from Epic at GDC, and they hooked us up with over 50 Fortnite mobile invite codes. We'll be giving them away today on our Discord server in the #fortnite_codes channel at 7:00 PM Eastern (4:00 PM Pacific)...

GDC 2018: 'Enchanted World' Turns Block Sliding Puzzles up to 11

One of the amusing parts about the App Store is how when a particular type of game has been done a million times before, the only room left for developers to explore inside of that particular universe of games is by ramping production values up to absurd extremes. That's definitely the case here in Enchanted World, which is among the most beautiful block sliding puzzles we've seen so far:..

GDC 2018: 'SneakOps' is an Endless Sneaker from Noodlecake

It wouldn't be GDC without the guys from Noodlecake bringing an overwhelming amount of games to the show. They're operating on all cylinders when it comes to publishing lately, and the first game they showed us this year is SneakOps. It's effectively an endless sneaker, and using all sorts of stealthy mechanics you likely already know from Metal Gear and other similar games you see how far you can sneak...

GDC 2018: Drift Forever in 'Absolute Drift'

With Fortnite and PUBG on the App Store, it feels like we're in a golden age of mobile ports. Noodlecake is continuing that trend by bringing Absolute Drift to mobile, a drift racing game that's already been launched on Steam as well as consoles. I really dig the minimalistic top-down style of this game, and we got a quick look at GDC:..

GDC 2018: A Quick Look at 'The Messenger' on the Nintendo Switch

The game everyone seems to be talking about at GDC is The Messenger, a Switch platformer that loads of folks on Twitter keep comparing to games like Shovel Knight, Owlboy, and others. (Which is very good company to be in.) We got a quick look at it, and the way they game blends Metroidvania style equipment unlocking and swapping back and forth between both 8 bit and 16 bit graphics as a game mechanic has me over the moon for The Messenger...

GDC 2018: 'Disco Road' is a Multi-Lane Musical Runner

Ever since I first fiddled around with Audio Surf ages ago, I've been fascinated by the potential of using music to generate content inside of games. Despite having access to the music library on the iOS device for years now, very few developers have used this functionality to do anything that cool. Disco Road is the latest title to take a crack at using your music to craft gameplay, in this case, via a multi-lane runner...

GDC 2018: Another Look at 'Seldom Falls', a Super Clever Puzzler

Last GDC, we took a long look at Randy O'Connor's Seldom Falls. As an indie developer, he comes up with some super clever game concepts but he is sort of notorious for taking his time building his games. (Good things come to those who wait, and all.) Seldom Falls is a really cool blend of town building and a block stacking puzzler which we're really looking forward to:..

GDC 2018: 'Bendy in Nightmare Run' Brings the Ultra-Popular World of Bendy to Mobile

If you're not super tuned into what kids these days are into, chances are you've never heard of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Basically, it's the new Five Nights at Freddy's. Bendy in Nightmare Run is a cartoony horror game that's perfect for all sorts of reaction videos and other similar things- Much like FNAF. Bendy has a massive amount of merch, making it the most popular thing I've never heard of (at least until this demo):..

GDC 2018: 'Project Spin' is the Next Game from the Developers of 'Steppy Pants'

By now I'm sure everyone reading TouchArcade has played Steppy Pants [Free], and if you haven't, you need to fix that problem. Super Entertainment had their new game to show off at GDC, and it's called Project Spin. Basically, Project Spin is a rhythm game that you control by spinning a wheel around to hit notes and other musical obstacles. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: A Look at 'Oddmar', An Upcoming Platformer from the 'Leo's Fortune' Devs

Last week we posted about Oddmar, if it looks particularly awesome that's because it's from the same developers as Leo's Fortune, Dark Nebula, and loads of other ultra-high production value games. We got a look at it in action this GDC, and, well, the game plays just as awesome as it looks:..

There was a time when the tower defense aisle of the App Store was so jammed packed that it was hard to get that interested in any new ones. Now that it's 2018, the App Store has shifted significantly and all these old genres feel fresh again just because everyone else is making super derivative freemium junk. That's definitely the case with Defend the Cake [$4.99], check out the gameplay video we shot at GDC:..

GDC 2018: 'Column Climbers' is a Multiplayer Wacky Physics Multiplayer Rock Climber

It seems like the "wacky physics" genre has really exploded on the App Store over the years, and Column Climbers is the latest title we've seen at GDC that completely embraces it. Basically, in the game you climb a bouldering wall shaped like a column and you sort of fling yourself from climbing point to climbing point sort of like the super-ancient game Sway by Illusion Labs...

GDC 2018: Hands on with 'Dotra', a Memory Matching Game

Among the many games we saw at GDC this week is Dotra, an upcoming title that's a bit like a really souped up version of Simon. The game begins as a super simple memory game, and slowly begins to expand to throw as many obstacles as possible at the player. For example, there's buttons you're not supposed to hit in the patterns that get thrown out to the player. Check it out:..

We've been absolutely overwhelmed with GDC this week (as you can probably tell by the flood of content we've posted so far) but per TouchArcade tradition we're having our own party tonight at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco. We're taking over the B55 Craft House which has been refreshed since last year and now has a dumb amount of beer on tap. Another neat thing about our party this year is that we're sponsored by Jam City so we have a limited number of free drink tickets to give out at the event... So come early. I've got no idea what turn out is going to be like, but, the fewer people the better as that means more drink tickets for everyone! (But, hey, if it's huge, that's cool too.)..

GDC 2018: 'Realm Runners' Is the Next Mobile Title from the Game Director of 'Dragonvale'

Jonas Wills is about as O.G. as it gets when it comes to being a mobile developer. He got his start on the iOS platform with Team Phobic and the Bounce On series of platformer games. Later, he joined Backflip Studios and took on the role of game director for the (still) unbelievably popular Dragonvale [Free]. Jonas has since left Backflip and is back to being an indie developer, his first solo game is has the working title Realm Runners, take a look:..

GDC 2018: Hands On with 'LevelHead', The Next Game from Butterscotch Shenanigans

If you've been curious what the heck the folks at Butterscotch Shenanigans have been up to since releasing Crashlands [$6.99] and teasing ScuffleBuddies so much... Today, we got our answer: A awesome spin on games like Super Mario Maker titled LevelHead. There's loads of potential here between all the level editing and sharing mechanics, all of which operate under the hood of a super tight platformer that's going to be totally cross-platform just like all of their games...

GDC 2018: A Look at 'Photographs', the Next Game from the Creator of '10000000'

When it comes to my all-time favorite iOS games, 10000000 [$2.99] and You Must Build a Boat [$2.99] are on any kind of short list I've ever create. I'm super curious to see how Photographs ends up doing, as it's very different from Eighty Eight Games' previous titles. I really dig the direction it takes, but, I'm sure the move away from the slide to match mechanic will be controversial either way. Check out our hands-on:..