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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

PAX 2016: Check Out 'Neilos', a 2.5D Puzzler

Hidden away in the corner of the 6th floor show room was a really cool puzzle platformer of sorts called Neilos. Your whole goal is to find water, but the way you do it is super clever and reminds me a lot of if a game like Paper Mario leaned way more heavily on the puzzler side of things, as you can similarly shift the perspective to find other paths that might not have been totally apparent from your current perspective...

PAX 2016: Another Look at the Victorian-era Strategy Game 'Antihero'

We've covered Antihero quite a bit in the past, including last year at PAX, and this year we got another taste of the game which is now set to be released in early 2017. I still really dig the art style of the game, and the idea of a victorian-era strategy game seems like a really cool premise. Check out the latest build:..

PAX 2016: A Look at the Folktale Adventure 'Burly Men at Sea'

Hidden away in the incredibly packed Indie Mega Booth this year at PAX was the "folktale adventure" Burly Men at Sea. Like most adventure games, it's hard to demo and being on the PAX floor you can't hear the music, but I'm really digging the small taste I was able to get. What sets Burly Men at Sea apart from other adventure games, is through a control method where you're in charge of the camera instead of character movement, it feels like you take on the role of the storyteller instead of the actual characters inside of the game...

If you haven't heard of it, End of the Mine is another rad looking indie mining and resource management game available on Steam. More in line with what we're interested in, however, is their mobile companion game Endless Mine [Free] which takes place inside the same game universe but is a simplified free to play game...

PAX 2016: As 'Galak-Z: Variant Mobile' Development Continues, They've Added "Mech Mode"

Back at E3, we got a nice long look at the upcoming Galak-Z, an anime-style space shooter that has a level of attention to detail in its graphics an animations that's rarely seen in mobile. The game is slowly being improved as its developed, and at PAX they've got the newly added "mech mode" to show off...

PAX 2016: A Look at What's New in 'Super Senso'

We've been covering Turbo's Super Senso for quite a while now. Since we last got a look at it, the game got picked up Gung Ho as a publisher and has seen a whole bunch of new tweaks, updates, and additions. Super Senso in its current form is still a great spin on Advance Wars for mobile, but changes in gameplay flow, pacing, and how you put together your armies now makes a lot more sense...

Out Now: 'He-Man Tappers of Grayskull', 'Bluk', 'I, Viking', 'Justice Monsters Five' and More

Ahhhhhhhhhh it's Wednesday, and this week a whole load of new games have been shoveled on to the App Store. No sign of Jade Empire yet (as of the time I finished writing this, anyway) but I'm not giving up hope. If nothing else, I just want to get Shaun's review out of our drafts folder before I accidentally publish it or something. Anyway, there might be other surprises tonight or the rest of the week, so as always keep your eyes glued to our forums for the most up to the second game release information...

Today is Eat Outside Day, so make some plans to fire up the grill, dust off the patio furniture, and eat something outdoors... Hopefully while playing some of this week's new iOS games. Still no sign of Jade Empire, but, hopefully it'll appear at some point during the day? Or soon? Or... at all?..

We've been doing this whole new iPhone release cycle thing for so many years now, and the week or so leading up to the actual keynote always seems to be the most exciting. Our sister site MacRumors has a pretty extensive roundup of what's expected in the iPhone 7, including what might be the most controversial thing: The likely removal of the traditional headphone jack. I feel like Apple is going to have some serious explaining to do to sell people over on that, so, I'm excited to see how they play that all off...

The TouchArcade Show - 271 - I Just Need Some SPEED

August 26th, 2016 9:15 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Podcast
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We do our best to make up for last week's podcast connectivity SNAFU by talking about a whole bunch of game releases, from both this week and last week. This results in a little bit quicker than usual rundown of the news, but, hey, you probably already read it here on TouchArcade anyway. The games discussed, in order, were: Leap of Fate [$3.99], Deus Ex Go [$1.99], Outfolded [Free], Legend of the Skyfish [$2.99], Flip Diving [Free], Riptide GP: Renegade [$2.99], Pixel Dodgers [Free], and Solitairica [$3.99]. I told you, a ton of games.

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New iPhone Games: 'Space Marshals 2', 'Solitairica', 'Lost Maze', 'MLB 9 Innings Manager' and More

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since the last time we celebrated National Waffle Day, but, here we are. For me, I typically spend National Waffle Day in sullen and remorseful silence because we don't have any Waffle House locations in the Chicago Area. (I actually looked into the logistics of opening one, turns out you need to commit to multiple locations in a surprisingly large territory.) Anyway, sure, I could get waffles from any other breakfast diner, but there's just something amazing about Waffle House. It's the perfect drunk food too, meanwhile, we're just slumming it with Taco Bell. Either way, if you're looking for some brand new iOS games to help celebrate the occasion, our forums have got what you need...

Working from home has an ton of awesome perks, but it comes with an incredibly significant downside: Your entire day's productivity is tied to your internet connection cooperating. We had some bad storms this morning, which knocked my whole area offline. I've been getting doing as much as I can via my abysmal AT&T cellular connection, but that just doesn't work for podcasting. Comcast still doesn't seem to have a solid ETA on when we're going to be back online, so, to have something in the podcast feed I figured we'd feature another rewind episode.

When we originally started the podcast, it was an odd interview format filled with people who had never really podcasted before. Scheduling conflicts eventually made it pretty difficult to keep up, and it slowly dwindled. When Brad Nicholson joined TouchArcade, he brought his experience with hosting the Destructoid podcast, Podtoid, and rebooted our podcast as a weekly thing. Since then, barring a few weeks (like this one) where weird stuff comes up that prevents recording, we've been following the format Brad brought to the table for over five years now.

Here's how Brad originally introduced the new podcast:

We’re back! In this week's episode, The Bearded One, Jared Nelson, talks up Bumpy Road, Touchgrind BMX, and Mos Speedrun. Eli Hodapp discusses cat games, and I deliver some details about the Infinity Blade update and the third episode of Back to the Future. We also delve into the i3D thing, as well the Minecraft-coming-to-Android story that made the rounds before closing out the hour.


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We'll be back next week, with another regular episode of The TouchArcade Show, but hopefully you guys can enjoy this blast from the past and pour one out for Brad Nicholson.


Turn-Based RPG 'Shadow Quest' Hits the App Store Next Week

We're always excited to try out RPG's that mix up mechanics in interesting ways, and the upcoming Shadow Quest puts you in charge of a party of four, dungeon crawling using Minesweeper-like mechanics. Judging from the trailer, it seems like a mash up of Book of Heroes [Free] with a hint of the Dungelot [$0.99] series, which sounds pretty neat to me. Take a look:..

New iPhone Games: 'Deus Ex Go', 'Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa', 'Tetris Battle Drop' and More

Along with today's bonanza of iOS game releases, it's also National Medical Dosimetrist's Day. What's a medical dosimetrist? Well, it's a sub-speciality so complicated it takes an entire paragraph to explain. So, shout out to all the dosimetrist out there, may you have great luck in achieving some level of brevity when someone asks you at a party, "So what do you do?" Anyway, this week's list of releases is a tad more scant than we're used to, and I'm thinking there's two (possibly three?) reasons for that. First off, Gamescom is this week which is basically the European equivalent of E3, most traditional games media is swamped with that so this seems like a solid week to avoid releasing anything on. Additionally, unless plans have changed (again), there's a massive game release that people are going to be super blown away by along with the precedent its release could set for the release of ...other similar games. Or, ya'know, the App Store is just being weird...

At this stage in the App Store, I feel like I've played practically ever iteration of zombie games. I mean, we've done everything from shoot zombies from an AC-130 in Zombie Gunship [Free] to, well, making zombies pizza in Zombie Pizza [$0.99]. The just-released Zombie Town Story [Free] has you surviving in a zombie apocalypse in a way you might not have done before. (Or maybe you have, as mentioned, there's a zillion zombie games.) ...But, hey, it seems new to me!..

We start off this week's podcast with a bunch of talk surrounding a Test Flight build we got about Rocketcat and Madgarden's Death Road to Canada. The game is so frickin' good, you guys. I can't wait for it to hit the App Store so ya'll can get a taste. Anyway, we also talk about a bunch of games you can actually download right now including Reigns [$2.99], Mars: Mars [Free], Journey Below [$2.99], AbyssRium [Free] (again), and Midnight Star Renegade [Free]. Oh, then we briefly touch on a few news stories before peacing out for the weekend.

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With the new Hearthstone [Free] adventure, One Night in Karazhan, on the horizon, it seems this week Blizzard looks back to Whispers of the Old Gods for a Tavern Brawl. We're on the cusp of getting a ton of brand new cards, but if you're a free to play player or just didn't open many Whispers of the Old Gods packs but want to try out some of the decks that come loaded with tons of cards from that set, this week's brawl is for you...

'Death Road to Canada' Preview - Does It Surprise Anyone Anymore That Rocketcat and Madgarden Make Incredible Games?

Last Friday I got a build of Rocketcat and Madgarden's Death Road to Canada on my iPhone. Since then, I've been completely obsessed. After hours, and hours, and hours of playing, I'm ready to say it: As far as my own personal game of the year is concerned, Death Road to Canada is currently the game to beat. It combines Rocketcat humor, great pixel art, fantastic music, randomized gameplay, playable dogs capable of shooting guns, spooky stories about menacing goblins, Madgarden freakishly small file sized and so much more to create an experience that's not only super fun but also surprisingly deep with new things I'm still discovering while I play...

Following the reveal of the Amazon Fire Phone was a few exclusive games that looked surprisingly awesome. Saber's Edge [Free] was one of those games, which seemed to combine puzzle mechanics, RPG elements, and... Pirates. On paper, it sounded amazing, and as someone who loves puzzle RPGs, it got me pretty close to picking up a Fire Phone just to try it out. Well, the Amazon Fire Phone completely bombed, which eventually resulted in these exclusive games being released on other platforms. It's been soft launched for a while, but as of this morning Saber's Edge is now available worldwide...

New iPhone Games: 'Eisenhorn: Xenos', 'Flick Soccer 17', 'Journey Below', 'Reigns' and Tons More

While I imagine many of you are busy gathering firewood to stoke the campfire to appropriately celebrate National S'mores Day, the rest of us are absolutely drowning in brand new iOS games. We've seen so many new games hit our forums the last few days this list is sort of overwhelming, which is a great change from previous weeks where we've been like, "Sooooo... Where's all the new games?" So, if you need s'more games on your iPhone to play while making and eating s'mores today, you're in luck...