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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

Backflip Studios' Dragonvale [Free] may be a little old, but there's still a ridiculous amount of people playing the game. To keep players engaged, Backflip has continually been rapid-firing new content into the world of Dragonvale. Currently, there's more than 270 dragons that players can collect in game, and as of this morning they've introduced a second "legendary" dragon to the game. (If this is all going over your head, a legendary dragon in Dragonvale has special abilities and effectively looks way cooler than non-legendary dragons.) Players will need to be at least level 30 to begin building Gaia's Perch to summon the new dragon, but it's not as easy as just building a new building and waiting for a timer- To summon Gaia, players will need to send their dragons on quests and compete in races to collect the various rewards and artifacts to build their nursery...

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Flick Golf Extreme', 'Super Karts', 'Wild Roads', 'X-Tactics' and More

While you guys are busy celebrating National Bookmobile Day, I've been spending my morning trying to figure out what's going on with the App Store. I've heard a bunch of different rumors from a bunch of different connected people about something big happening in these next two weeks, but have been totally unsuccessful in connecting any more than two dots. Is there a huge surprise game coming out this week? Is there some kind of App Store reorganizing taking place? All I know is more than a few developers were asked to reschedule their game launch away from this week. Which seems... odd, but it might explain why this week's release list is a little more scant than normal. I'm hoping these various rumblings mean we're going to see something different resulting from the App Store leadership shakeup from late last year, but it could just mean another massive game is coming that's getting the Clash Royale [Free] mega-feature treatment? Or it could mean nothing! That's the greatest part about Apple rumors!..

Last week we posted about a huge update that had just hit Magic Duels [Free] and I somewhat sarcastically mentioned that it seems like with this game for every bug Wizards fixes, new ones pop up. Well, that's true once again with the latest Magic Duels update, and this particular problem might be the most game-breaking yet...

Butterscotch Shenanigans' Crashlands [$4.99] launched a while ago, and everyone aside from some cranky PC gamers seem to love it. If you want to know how much we love it, take a look at our review. Even the best games can get better though, and the update scheduled to hit this week for Crashlands aims at a whole load of quality of life improvements. Check out the trailer:..

Check out the Latest 'Super Senso' Trailer

We previewed it earlier this year, but all of us at TouchArcade are pretty excited for Super Senso. If you haven't heard of it before, the best way to describe it is a real slick mobile Advance Wars-like with big-ass robots. Recently, it was announced that the game is to be published by GungHo, which brings along all sorts of benefits like being part of the GungHo booth at PAX East... Which of course means you need a PAX East gameplay trailer:..

Over the weekend I played through Lost Tracks [Free], an iOS game released by a team of students from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Like a lot of student games, it's super experimental, which makes for a pretty neat overall experience. It's one of those weird things that straddle a sometimes uncomfortable fence between an interactive art project and an actual game, but being roughly 30 minutes long and totally free, it's definitely worth checking out...

Every week when we post the new games, there's always at least one person commenting asking where the hell Granblue Fantasy is. The game is a social RPG with some Final Fantasy heavy hitters behind the wheel, and first got news that it would be coming to the west back at TGS last year. Originally it was supposed to be released in March, but, well, considering it's April now, they obviously missed that window. We got a pretty solid clue that it's coming very soon in the form of an update hitting that adds the English localization to the existing Japanese version of the game...

If you're hanging around this morning looking for a new game to play but have exactly zero dollars to your name, well, we've got some good news. Rogue Agent [Free] just went from $2.99 to free. We reviewed it earlier this year, and the best way to describe the game is as another super-solid entry in the stealth puzzler genre...

LogoWe hop right into things this week with a bunch of game discussion surrounding Pktball [Free], Chameleon Run [$1.99], Disney Crossy Road [Free], Looty Dungeon [Free] and Kingdom Hearts [Free]. I wanted to hop in with some input on Kingdom Hearts, but that secondary download is the real deal. Anyway, from there we hop on over to talking about some cool upcoming games and other relevant news of the week. As we mention in the show, if you like what we do here, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

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We've been posting about it for ages now, and we've got a massive thread going in our forums about it, but for a ton of people the Game Center bug is a serious thing that has stopped them from playing countless iOS games that rely on Game Center to function. If you've got no idea what all this Game Center bug stuff is all about, a while ago we posted what it looks like in action:..

'Magic Duels' Gets Another Massive Update

April 6th, 2016 6:32 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
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If you follow the various Magic Duels [Free] communities on the internet, it's plainly obvious that the game has been rife with issues, effectively since it launched almost a year ago now. Wizards has been trying to fix the game, but previous updates have reminded me of those old Loony Toons cartoons where a character will hold their finger over one leak in a boat and two more will spring up. Well, per the exhaustive patch notes of the current update to Magic Duels that's filtering its way out right now, they're plugging a whole lot of holes at once- We'll have to see how many new leaks start spraying...

We've got a widely diverse audience of readers here at TouchArcade, ranging from hardcore old school gamers, to casual Clash of Clans players, to people in all levels of the mobile game industry. To provide a little something for everyone, we regularly publish content that suits different segments of our audience. That means things like Shaun's fabulous RPG Reload series of articles, guides on various free to play games, buisness-y findings from analytics companies, and tons of other stuff in between- Basically, anything that makes us say, "Huh, that's neat," is fair game if we think someone reading TouchArcade would be into it. Recently that included two different reports on how well mobile is doing, which were predictably totally discounted by commenters insisting that this whole industry is propped up effectively by idiots who don't know any better spending money on IAP. This raises the question: If gaming is a hobby you enjoy, and as part of that hobby you're buying gems in Clash Royale, lives in Candy Crush, gold in Game of War, or any other similar purchase in other games, how is that any worse than buying consumable items in any other hobby? (Hint: It's not.)..

New iPhone Games Hit our Forums: 'Assault Commando 2', 'Gravity Island', 'Rooster Rumble', 'Stencilsmith', and More

Sorry this post is a little later in the morning than we typically post it, but today is National Twinkie Day and let's just say the festival at my house is in full swing. Anyway, this week is a little light on game releases so far, which either means the runway is being cleared for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi or the App Store is continuing to mutate, potentially shifting the times around for when everything gets released. Noodlecake's Chameleon Run is due out too, but hasn't gone live on the App Store yet, so maybe we'll get another influx of games when that happens. Either way, it wouldn't be the App Store without weird things happening surrounding game releases, so in times like this, all you can really do is eat a twinkie...

While I doubt this news will come as a surprise to anyone, this morning marks the first time we've seen Gameloft come straight out and say that they're no longer producing premium titles, and all of their future games will be free to play. It makes sense, given the reality of the current mobile games market, but considering Gameloft was one of the early standouts when it came to making great premium iOS games, it does sting a little...

This week's podcast is overwhelmed by excitement surrounding two things: The Tesla Model 3 and Miitomo [Free]. If car stuff doesn't interest you (We talk about the rumored Apple Car and other sort of related things as well) skip to around 15:00 in to get straight to the game chat. Aside from a bunch of talk about Miitomo and what it means for the future of Nintendo, we get into Flipped Out [$2.99], the Powerpuff Girls game, along with Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena [Free]. We're pretty big fans of both. Along with that, we chat about a few of the big news stories of the week including some speculation surrounding Pokemon Go.

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Alright, so this story is a little weird as I'm going to be trying really hard to tip-toe around any actual official title names as last time one of these huge Gameloft leaks happened we got DMCA'd by them back into the stone age and we had to take everything related to the names of the leaked games down. Anyway, back on March 22nd, Gameloft did an investor presentation in London. Part of that presentation laid out Gameloft's entire lineup for 2016 and a few titles for 2017...

Nintendo's 'Miitomo' Is Now Available Worldwide

Nintendo's 'Miitomo' Is Now Available Worldwide

March 31st, 2016 8:42 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Featured, News
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We've been talking about what Nintendo is going to do when it comes to smartphones for quite literally years now, and while Miitomo has been soft launched in Japan for a couple weeks now, it's finally available in the US App Store. Something to keep in mind before downloading Miitomo and harshly judging it is that Miitomo isn't really a game, as much as it's a social network with some Mii Maker functionality. It links into My Nintendo and will likely serve as the cornerstone connecting all the other mobile games in the future...

Today's New iPhone Games: 'Block Hop!', 'Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena', 'Prison Run and Gun' and Tons More

It's hard to believe we've been celebrating Pencil Day for 158 years now, but for some people, it's better than Christmas. If you're looking for some great iOS games to play while you partake in Pencil Day festivities, you're also in luck as the iOS gaming gods have blasted the App Store full of brand new stuff. Of particular note is Prison Run and Gun which is a pretty rad sidescroller, R.B.I. Baseball 16 which needs no introduction, and a few other neat looking indie games like Block Hop!. Of course we're all in a massive holding pattern waiting for Miitomo to launch, but, there's probably going to be other surprises today too. OH, and Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena is really cool...

You might've seen our review of _Prism we posted a while ago, and while the game itself is super cool, the program it came from is even cooler. It's called Stugan, and it's is a non-profit accelerator program that takes place in a remote cabin in Sweden. If you get accepted, you'll spend two months in the woods with some of the best and brightest in the mobile game industry making whatever awesome game you've dreamed up. _Prism came out of last year's Stugan, and I can't wait to see what comes this year...

Cyberpunk Platformer 'Into Mirror' Revealed on Our Forums

Super early this morning, Lemon Jam revealed their upcoming title Into Mirror on our forums. They're calling it a "cyberpunk platformer" where you play as a secret agent in the mysterious "Mirror World" on the hunt for a lost girl with the help of your partner, Kate. There's upgrades you'll collect along the way, and apparently, a bunch of puzzle elements...