Lineage 2: Revolution [Free] from Netmarble gets a huge update today. In addition to the massive 200 player Castle Siege Mode, new servers have been added across major regions. The Castle Siege mode lets players go up against ewach other by taking on and defending castles in real time battles. These will have four clans trying to conquer a castle and earn rewards. Watch the Castle Siege video showcase below for Lineage 2: Revolution:

In addition to Castle Siege mode, the major update to the game also adds a new Oren Territory, new dungeon difficulty options for many of the dungeons, and level cap increases. When it comes to in game timed events, the Feldheim's Ruins Exploration event is on until May 30th with new rewards and there's an Aymel's School event that is also on until May 30th but only on the new servers. The new servers are now live in Europe and North America and the older servers will be merged. Netmarble launched Lineage 2: Revolution less than half a year ago and it has already seen 28 million users so far.

Lineage 2: Revolution is available on both iOS and Android devices in many regions worldwide. Make sure you read our detailed review on Lineage 2: Revolution and hang out in the forum thread for it.

  • chinito77

    Yawn!!! This was long overdue and I stopped playing this months ago. It had potential but many got bored with it's repetitive gameplay.

    • elthesensai

      It’s very repetitive and don’t forget to mention the pay to win aspects. Loot based games can’t have a system where you can pay for cash for loot.