I don't think any Final Fantasy fan will forget the event where everyone expected a Final Fantasy VII remake announcement but what Square Enix ended up announcing was a port of the PC version. They did end up announcing a full scale remake for it eventually but it remains to be seen if the remake will release within this generation of consoles. Final Fantasy VII [$15.99] on iOS is a great version with controller support and iCloud support. Watch Eli literally stream it from his hotel around release below:

The current price for the port is also the lowest it has been on iOS so if you've been on the fence, now is the time to get it. You can even do what I did and rename "Cloud" to "iCloud" to be "funny". The cheats and enhancements make it the best way to experience this classic on the go and I hope Square Enix ends up releasing Final Fantasy VIII on iOS soon. It has been too long since VII released and also now since IX released on mobile.

E3 is next month and I'm forever the optimist about getting mobile ports of VIII and X HD since literally all the other mainline games before these are on iOS including the definitive version of Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions [$15.99], [$15.99]. Read Shaun's review of Final Fantasy VII here.

  • nav1

    > rename "Cloud" to "iCloud" to be "funny"

    That is indeed funny, I should try it 🙂

    > Watch Eli literally stream it from his hotel around release

    Off-topic and nitpicky, but why does everyone these days feel the need to overuse the word "literally" in contexts where it doesn't add any value? Like saying "He asked me if I'm happy and I 'literally' said no"

  • Baptiste

    That is to celebrate the arrival of Sephiroth in Brave Exvius tomorrow.

  • curtneedsaride

    Man, I wish we'd get an HD version of VIII on iOS. I'd probably finally get into it. And I've got X HD on my Vita, which I imagine would be a small enough size to port to iOS. But if they do X HD, they'd probably implement the streaming service they use in Japan for X/X-2 and the XIII trilogy.

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  • Scottie

    Forget IOS. How about PS Store? FFVII Hasn't had a price drop in over 2 years!