Nintendo is partnering with Cygames on an original new action-RPG, Dragalia Lost. The publishers of games like Shadowverse [Free] and Granblue Fantasy are co-developing and publishing the title with Nintendo, and it will be an original action-RPG exclusively for mobile. Nintendo also acquired five percent of Cygames, announced with the reveal of Dragalia Lost. We don't have many details beyond the name of the game and this first piece of artwork:

The game will release at first in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, with an expected initial release of this summer. Afterward, a North American and European release is planned. This is a pretty big piece of news from Nintendo, as it seemingly shows that Nintendo won't directly work with DeNA on future titles once Mario Kart Tour is released. DeNA does own part of Cygames, though. However, considering that Nintendo's biggest mobile hit outside of Pokemon GO [Free] has been a Fire Emblem game, perhaps some change was in order. Also, with this being an original title, it also shows Nintendo is willing to expand and not just put out adaptations of existing titles. Will Nintendo's involvement push this game to greater global success than other eastern action-RPGs? We'll find out this summer!

Update: Nintendo and Cygames now have a Twitter account, website, and trailer for Dragalia Lost, check it out:

  • curtneedsaride

    Wow. Nintendo stepping their game up. I wonder if this will spawn console versions... or even be ported to the Switch if it’s that successful.

  • Mariah

    I hope they leverage this ip to the other media like a switch game or anime would be nice.

    It’s interesting to see them doing it the other way around by doing a new ip on mobile first instead of bringing their ips to mobile.

  • boydstr

    I hope it’s a premium game with no IAP.

    • HouseofG

      Good one!

    • Yasaal Abrar

      It's confirmed Free to Play

  • Mad Strings

    Maybe DeNA is going to be known Nintendo IPs, and Cygames will be original IPs.

  • RKC

    Is this Nintendo answer to FF:BE?

  • curtneedsaride

    It’s like Square-Enix and Final Fantasy has a baby with Gameville and Zenonia... and since it’s a new IP, it kind of looks a bit generic. But, maybe it’ll be... fun?

  • WildBastion

    OMG I am getting Colopl Rune Story vibes from this, and if it is anywhere close to as fun as that sadly discontinued game was I will be dumping money into it.

    Please Nintendo, knock this outta the park!

  • BGB

    I love ARPGs. I love Nintendo. I really do not like f2p. I hope this leads to a premium Switch game using the IP.