SNK Corporation has finally gone and updated their classic titles on iOS for iOS 11 and modern devices. If you aren't familiar with the glorious SNK catalogue, they've done the lovely Metal Slug and The King of Fighters games on multiple platforms and have some real classics on iOS from those franchises and a few others. When the Appocalypse hit, we lost lots of classics on iOS and some still aren't updated while others will remain unplayable on iOS 11 and later devices. A few hours ago, SNK pushed out updates for their classics on iOS and they are all ready for your new iPads and iPhones.

The full list includes:

If you're wondering which ones to get, I'd recommend any of the Metal Slug games and both The King of Fighters releases. I pretty much enjoy playing their games regardless of platform and have a few through the Hamster Classics on Nintendo Switch but get my SNK fix on PS4 with the newest fighter from them. These newly updated SNK classics are well worth your time. It sadly doesn't look like they have been updated for the iPhone X screen as of now. Hopefully they do eventually add this in but getting the games running on iOS 11 is definitely more important than iPhone X support from a preservation standpoint. Will you be picking up any of these newly updated titles?

  • jpgold

    I definitely will when optimized for X

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I want to buy a bunch of these on iOS, but I’ll be waiting for full iPhone X support before doing so!

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Old KoF-i2012 (Iori icon) not included, so I'm forced to buy stupid game again... :rollseyes:

    • Sebastian Gomez

      Forget I said anything... I just realized they released a [F]ree version that's, basically, the same game I purchased...

  • Valu Gamez

    Just bought them all! Now I’m thinkin’ of getting a Bluetooth controller (like a Gamevice one)...anyone know if these games support Bluetooth controllers? I could only see old reviews on the iOS store saying otherwise...

    • Duane Locsin

      The support MFI and I can personally vouch they work very well with a Gamevice.

      Metal Slig however is still retro hard as heck though!

    • Steve Jaworski

      They sure do. I use the Steelseries Nimbus.

      • Valu Gamez

        Nice. Thank you sir!

  • madmatt213

    I haven’t touched any of these Neo Geo releases on iOS, but I just wanted to mention that Metal Slug 2 has never ran well, even on the original hardware. You should skip it and get Metal Slug X instead, which is a direct remake of MS2 that was optimized much better. This has always held true for emulations of MS2 and MSX, so I would expect this advice to hold true for these iOS versions too.

  • dLifeHD

    This is great! I wish I would have had this for my "Top 20 Retro Games on iOS and Android" video. Oh well, still awesome to see these devs update their games, Appocolypse was tough on my collection.

  • heyday72

    So how about a port of my all time favorite VIEWPOINT!!!

  • Superdio

    Do they all support mfi controllers?

  • Mitch Harris

    Anyone have any luck throwing grenades in any of the Metal Slug Games with a controller? I have two steel series models, but neither seem to have grenade controls mapped in the current version.

    • Mitch Harris

      My 8BitDo SNES Gamepad works fine though. Perfectly.

      Not the SteelSeries, not that I care anymore. But I get grenades with this one—appropriately mapped too.