While we've been covering Guildlings for quite literally years now, what you do in the game is still a bit of a mystery. The few details that have come out so far involve a group of friends completing quests in a mystical fantasy land, and it sounds like there's social hooks that let you play with others. Last year it was mentioned that the game would be split into multiple "chapters," but beyond that... the rest is sort of a mystery.

...But, it won't be a mystery for long, as they're currently looking for beta testers. You can mash that link, sign up, keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully be among the first people to play Guildlings. If anyone from TouchArcade gets in, give us a heads up as to what you even do.

  • Paul Kohler

    Registering now 🤓. Will report back if no NDA.

  • 7ape

    website is down?

    • nkarafo

      perhaps is down... I cannot see any registration form for beta testing..